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Anyone else had a wedding day disaster?

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disneydatknee Tue 14-Nov-17 20:32:38

Our wedding had quite a few hiccups. On the morning of our wedding, someone crashed their car into our front wall and drove off. The police turned up to talk to me about it literally as I was about to change into my wedding dress. Then my entrance music stopped before I made it down the isle. We were two bridesmaids in and then had to wait a whole 5 minutes before the music started again. My poor husband was probably shitting himself. After the ceremony our wedding co ordinator had to leave as she chipped a tooth! So we had a random guy we had never met running the rest of the day. Oh and our wedding cake collapsed in the heat. However...I really enjoyed the day. And I wouldn’t change it one bit. We both laugh about it now and are really enjoying married life (which isn’t really any different to unmarried life as it happens.) Has anyone else had any wedding day disasters? Can you laugh about it yet?!

whiteroseredrose Tue 14-Nov-17 20:44:07

DH's 'usher' got caught up in a crash on the M5 so arrived very late (wedding in Manchester!). Another friend stood in but put on the wrong music for me to walk in to but I didn't notice.

Oh yes, and I'd ordered a taxi to pick up DH and best man from their hotel and bring them to the wedding venue. The same taxi firm that were taking me. On the way in I could hear the discussion between the drivers because DH wasn't there. I was convinced I'd been jilted!

(DH couldn't sleep so they had walked there instead!).

Silversun83 Tue 14-Nov-17 21:00:54

DH's best man (brother) got a 19-year-old he had just started seeing pregnant 8 months before wedding day... Guess when she had the baby..

ChameleonCircuit Tue 14-Nov-17 21:17:29

It pissed it down all day, I was half an hour late (soooo embarrassed!), forgot my veil, and the cake bloke delivered our chocolate tray cake to the wrong fecking wedding! Still happily married though.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Tue 14-Nov-17 21:23:20

The registrar had a speech impediment and DH and the best man kept catching my eye and making me giggle. I hiccupped all through the vows trying not to laugh.

MIL died as well, but that wasn't unexpected as she was in hospital with terminal cancer.

HughLauriesStubble Tue 14-Nov-17 21:27:19

Best man nearly didn't make it and the catering lost our booking shock

HughLauriesStubble Tue 14-Nov-17 21:28:53

Sorry pressed send too early.

It was only when a family friend who worked at the company rang dm the morning of the wedding in a tizzy saying 'oh hughs wedding is next week.... ISN'T IT??' that we realised.

Thankfully it was a small do and they got their arses in gear and the food arrived a few hours late.

wellthatslife Tue 14-Nov-17 22:03:48

The registrar who was supposed to marry us didn't turn up!

The office was in a local castle and the registrars were a husband and wife team who were also the custodians and lived in a staff flat above the office. The husband was suupposed to be marrying us, dh turned up with the best man to find the office locked! He found a member of staff who let them but no sign t
of him. Dh was getting more and more worried as time went on and wondering what the hell to do when the wife appeared about 10 minutes before we were due to get married. She looked at dh and said is he not all here?

She ran upstairs muttering her breath and all dh could here was bangs and thumps then she came down having changed and straightening her suit. She then had to refill out the paperwork with dh. I wondered where the car drove round the block several times not realising the ushers were signaling.

Just glad the wife came home when she did otherwise I don't know what would have happened, especially as a lot of our family had travelled to come and were staying i hotels

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Tue 14-Nov-17 22:55:08

I know (of) two people who had disasters. A girl I worked with had a photographer who locked her camera in the car - two hour delay while getting the spare key. But my worst story is the groom who was shot in the leg on his stag do. He got married on crutches and missed the reception becaus he had to get to hospital that afternoon for an operation.

TommyShelbysMrs Tue 14-Nov-17 23:15:25

Friend had a rogue photographer.
She turned up and took all the photos then they never seen her again.
So the only photos they have of their wedding day are shit ones from guests phones.

MammaTJ Tue 14-Nov-17 23:23:22

Am I really going to be the first to say 'Yes, I married the bastard'?

threeandmeandthedog Tue 14-Nov-17 23:37:05

MammaT, I'm with you there. gin

catlover1987 Tue 14-Nov-17 23:40:50

My hair was a complete disaster. We got married abroad and I made the mistake of not having a trial. It was up originally but just looked horrific and not me. I pulled it down about 5 minutes before I left for the ceremony so it was just a frizzy mess of curls. Luckily we got married on a beach so it kind of worked but whenever I look at the pics, I can’t help but think how shit it looked.

Bellaposey Tue 14-Nov-17 23:44:08

All three of our chickens got attacked and killed by a fox on the morning of our wedding. Just how I wanted to start the day!

Kahlua4me Tue 14-Nov-17 23:55:27

Poor you bellaposey that sounds awful.

Ours wasn’t nearly so bad.
The florist rang me in tears in the morning as the flowers we had ordered arrived to her and were the wrong colour. They were supposed to be deep pink but were red instead.

Then at the venue a waitress knocked the table the cake was on causing it to fall! I didn’t know about that at all until the next day, didn’t even notice that when we cut it there were only 2 tiers not 3. Although I did wonder why my friend, who made the cake, looked liked she had been sobbing and she is not one to cry at a wedding generally!

theoldtrout01876 Wed 15-Nov-17 00:00:28

Oh god, my first wedding was a disaster, should have paid heed grin

MOH refused to show up on the day and called me pissed to shout abuse at me ( no sign of anything till 2 days before when she didnt show up to the rehearsal dinner )

Ex SIL's started a literal fist fight during the pictures. My poor parents had flown 3000 miles, never met these women before and that is what they encountered.

The best man ( ex bil) stormed off due to the exsil's, the fight was about his fiance, who had been with him 14 years and who I liked and wanted in family pictures ( they were getting married 4 weeks after us). They didnt want her in the pictures cos she wasnt "family" . Cue massive brawl. Not a single picture was taken of that side grin

The exsil were not talking to me and bad mouthing me all over the place cos I didnt ask any of them to be in the wedding ( they hated me and made it obvious). Ex mil sat and flipped me off from the other side of the dance floor during the meal.

Exmil refused to dance with exh for the mother/son dance thing they do over here, publicly refused and humiliated him.

There was some kind of flu epidemic going on at the time. Two of my mates who were sposed to do readings were too sick to attend and a full 1/3 of people who were sposed to come to the meal etc were too sick.

I really should have run away as it seemed the universe was telling me it wasnt a good idea grin

BritInUS1 Wed 15-Nov-17 00:11:28

Oh where to start....

- Went to get hair done with the bridesmaids and forgot our tiara's
- Went to get makeup done and car broke down
- Best man left his shoes in London and had to go shopping to try and get some more and he has huge feet and needs specialist shops
- MIL forgot her dress and had to try and buy a new outfit that morning
- FIL forgot his white shirt and had to swap with his friend
- The car was too big to get to the church, so had to reverse up the street

etc. etc x

poisoningpidgeysinthepark Wed 15-Nov-17 00:11:32

One of our witnesses couldn't be bothered to turn up (and never apologised afterwards either) so we had to ask for a volunteer halfway through the ceremony.
The people who had promised to drive me to the church turned up at my house without a car because they suddenly decided they didn't want to drive, and left it to me to find a taxi that was large enough for them plus me and my big wedding dress, which proved to be quite tricky in our particular location.
There wasn't enough food for all the guests and us, so DH and I ended up not having anything to eat all day.

rosenylund Wed 15-Nov-17 00:18:45

My cousin had those salt dough cake toppers of her, dh and the two cats. Night before we set up the reception, cake etc. and dh's head falls off and rolls along the aisle as the fifteen or so family members doing the decorating went silent....

My brother fixed the head back on with chewing gum, crisis averted.

southboundagain Wed 15-Nov-17 00:23:57

Not my wedding, but my partner was best man at our friend's wedding and during the early evening, the catering staff took us aside to say the cake hadn't arrived. They'd been ringing the cake company all afternoon and no-one was answering. There was nothing for it but for us to make a mad drive to the nearest Tesco/M&S combo to find any vaguely smart-looking cakes that could be piled up into a tiered shape, and the venue would decorate with flowers, ribbon etc that they happened to have. I remember taking my ridiculous wedding shoes off and running like a madwoman through the supermarket, not knowing where the heck anything was (because no two Tescos seem to be allowed to have the same layout). We must have been the smartest people ever to attend that Tesco.

We bought the cakes, dashed back just in time for the wedding breakfast, and the venue made an amazing job of it given what was available. M&S in particular do proper wedding cakes but not when you have to just turn up and buy whatever's on the shelf! I nearly died when one of the guests (who'd been quite involved in the saga of choosing the real cake in the first place) turned to another and said "I like the cake, but it doesn't quite look like a £400 cake..."

Iwasjustabouttosaythat Wed 15-Nov-17 00:26:50

AndNoneForGretchen, you laughed at someone's speech impediment publicly at your wedding? Jeez, sounds like you and your "D"H do deserve each other.

Sgtmajormummy Wed 15-Nov-17 00:43:35

They gave our hotel room on our wedding night to somebody else!

Admittedly we were 5 hours late checking in, it was a verbal booking with no deposit and there was a huge festival going on in the town at the time. Only one night as we were leaving for our honeymoon the next morning.

I had visions of sneaking back to our house (already living together) and kipping on the floor which was wall-to-wall with my friends and relations but the receptionist rang round and found us a room in the next big town.

By the time we got there "wedding night" activities were the last thing on our minds....

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Wed 15-Nov-17 07:33:43

iwas yeah I'm a bitch.

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