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Why are you up so early?

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Gramgram Mon 23-Oct-17 02:46:55

I'm up because DGD has been very sick, and I'm waiting for the second load of washing to finish. Hope you're up for better reasons.

6catsandcounting Mon 23-Oct-17 02:48:15

For me it's 'late' - can't sleep

HamSandWitches Mon 23-Oct-17 02:48:53

Finished work at 1am, still wide awake so trying to wind down, will go to bed about 4 then the kids will have me up at 8ish.

NoCryLilSoftSoft Mon 23-Oct-17 02:49:24

Had a lie in this morning so can’t sleep now.

Latika123 Mon 23-Oct-17 02:49:40

I’m in my childhood bed. Been living abroad for 20 years Home for the weekend and being here since my Da died just doesn’t feel the same

Bisquick Mon 23-Oct-17 02:51:14

Late. Can't sleep. Can't anyway sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a stretch at 31 weeks pregnant with PGP and I'm waiting until I'm properly sleepy to go to bed. Finished up some work I'd been procrastinating on for ages so feeling slightly good about it? But have one more massive task to finish before I can start my leave and it's weighing on my mind quite heavily.
Wondering if it's okay to draw a bath at 3 am and just sit with my bum and back in some hot water.

Bisquick Mon 23-Oct-17 02:52:00

Oh I'm so sorry Latika - hugs.

RainDancer Mon 23-Oct-17 02:52:16

Staying in a hotel with my DH and 4 yr old DD. DH has snored and kept me awake all night and now I want to kill him.

Latika123 Mon 23-Oct-17 02:52:21

Bisquick - run the bath!

hiddley Mon 23-Oct-17 02:52:31

Because I haven't gone to bed yet. Have changed GPs and am now out of 2 meds (the ones that make me sleep). Have to ring them in the morning to see whether I need a GP appointment to get meds reinstated or whether the nurse appointment was enough that they can issue a repeat prescription. The joys! If it's a GP appointment that I need then expect to see me here for the next two weeks at all hours of the day and night.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 23-Oct-17 02:53:35

Came to bed too early really, had lots of sleep already and now can't get back to sleep. Feels like lots to worry about at the mo.

Gramgram Mon 23-Oct-17 02:53:50

Glad I'm not the only one up. The washing machine is moaning because I've stuffed a duvet in it.

Bisquick Mon 23-Oct-17 02:55:26

Running bath and debating watching white collar on mute with subtitles (bathroom echo will definitely wake DH up and he has an early start). Feeling so "wired" hoping bath calms me down enough to sleep!

salsmum Mon 23-Oct-17 02:55:44

Working a 12 hour night shift as a Carer client sleeping ATM

Bloodybridget Mon 23-Oct-17 02:59:19

Just having my usual couple of hours awake. I slept from about 11 til 1. OP, can't you go to bed and hang the washing up in the morning? Hope your DD is OK now.

Queenofthesilverdollar Mon 23-Oct-17 03:00:14

Am up because I have now got in the habit of waking up at 2.30-3. Then start thinking and worrying about everything work, son, housework, DH etc etc etc

Gramgram Mon 23-Oct-17 03:00:35

@ Bisquick enjoy your bath.

@ Latika, sorry about your Da.

Latika123 Mon 23-Oct-17 03:01:21

Bisquick - I can remember the insomnia that the last few weeks of pregnancy brings so well! You are so considerate to be worrying about your DH. I wanted everyone to join me in my sleepless misery! Hope the bath brings some sleep your way x

UnFuckingAcceptable Mon 23-Oct-17 03:02:56

Not able to sleep also here.
Had a drink earlier this evening and alcohol seems to keep me awake rather than send me into a drunken slumber. At least it's half term so no work/school for us tomorrow.

BulletFox Mon 23-Oct-17 03:04:33

Sorry Gramgram. Good idea to put a wash on.

Just insomniac, moving in approx 3 weeks, terrified as I haven't quite sorted out new accommodation.

Gramgram Mon 23-Oct-17 03:05:56

@ Bloodybridget I'm awake now. DGD has gone back to sleep now. I did contemplate calling DD to tell her that her DD had been sick but figured there wasn't anything she could do about it. Hopefully she's over it now, as I've got her for half term week.

pregnantandhormonal87 Mon 23-Oct-17 03:08:23

I'm up cause I was feeding 10 week old DS, now I cant sleep so have put a wash on and am deep cleaning the house blush probably shouldn't have had those three coffees In a row

DianaPrincessOfThemyscira Mon 23-Oct-17 03:08:43

Just can't sleep. My dad is visiting tomorrow and taking my three kids camping for a couple of nights. I really don't want him to.

No reason why, just don't want my babies out of the house!

Latika123 Mon 23-Oct-17 03:09:12

@gramgram thank you, coming home hits me right in the heart every time

What’s the story behind the duvet? Sick kid or just a spring/winter clean?

User5trillion Mon 23-Oct-17 03:09:30

Ds came into our bed and proceeded to kick us and wriggle for 20 mins, so settled him back into his bed which involved lying in it with him and getting kicked. Now wide awake.

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