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Need advice on leaving a job in the UAE

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MonochromeDog Sun 22-Oct-17 23:10:54

Close relative works as cabin crew for well known airline based in Dubai. She's worked for them for 2 years. A situation has occurred where whilst on layover in her hometown she's found out that someone dangerous from her past is actually living in Dubai and that person has recently found out she lives in Dubai. She basically needs to leave her job (for her own safety and mental health) because of this and needs to do it without working the notice period. Problem is all her belongings are still in Dubai.

Can she go back over to collect her things (taking a parent with her for safety) without being arrested or detained on entry? She also has a Dubai credit card that she still owes money on, which I know can also be a problem if she's leaving the country for good.

bonfireheart Mon 23-Oct-17 00:06:25

Why do you think she'd be arrested?

GardenGeek Mon 23-Oct-17 00:11:13

Can somebody collect her things and transport them to where she is.

Its probably expensive and time consuming but so is probably returning to collect them herself.

LoveProsecco Mon 23-Oct-17 02:50:31

Can she speak to her line manager? They may be understanding & release her without notice period or she may have AL to take

SandLand Mon 23-Oct-17 03:47:36

She MUST clear her debts. Has she got the means to do this?
Why do you think she risks being arrested? Has she broken the terms of her employment??
You need specialist advice if you believe she faces issues. There may be someone on who can give more specialised advice.

MsGameandWatching Mon 23-Oct-17 04:08:32

If she's broken the terms of her contract and stayed away for some length of time beyond what she should have done, then no, I would not reenter the UAE in the circumstances you describe. Can she make arrangements to clear her debts from here in the U.K.? I'd get someone to send her stuff or suck up that it was gone.

PollyHasAKettle Mon 23-Oct-17 04:28:10

On layover? Is she's supposed to fly back on the aircraft as crew?

She needs to go back and explain she has to leave in order to complete all of the formalities that will make it possible for her to leave with a clean slate. She may want to go back to Dubai one day even though she's probably thinking I'll never need to go back and even not having her current visa cancelled will be a problem. Then there's the credit card debt. That needs to be paid and I think she even has to get a letter from the bank to prove it.

I think she needs to be told to hold her nerve and do what she has to do. And to be honest with you given her schedule and the strong possibility her building has security at the entrance I think she'd be Ok.

Her belongings? A friend could pack them up for her and send them on but I think once she goes AWOL there will be procedure from her employer that means they take them and keep them for her and it will be a headache getting them back.

Mummyoflittledragon Mon 23-Oct-17 04:37:19

Why would she be arrested? Is she already awol? Can she get a uk doctors note that she’s unwell and unable to fly to buy her some time so she doesn’t have to fly back as scheduled? Or perhaps a doctors note that she’s had a breakdown if she is awol already? That would have to be from a private one as the nhs won’t lie. Idk if the doctors note will mean anything. I wouldn’t re enter the country if she is already awol without some kind of legal support. Could she contact a solicitor out there?

OuaisMaisBon Mon 23-Oct-17 04:37:31

You mean she's just left the company without notice? They will likely be cancelling her visa and advising her bank to freeze her account so she can't access it - and if she were to set foot in Dubai, I'm guessing she would be arrested for debt, given the outstanding amounts on her credit card. If she wants her belongings back, she needs to send someone to get them on her behalf. And depending on where she was living, there is also the problem of leaving accommodation without notice. Also, I hear there can be terrible subsequent problems, with charges mounting up to form another debt, if a Dubai bank account has not been closed properly by someone who has left the country permanently.

OuaisMaisBon Mon 23-Oct-17 04:39:35

Ignore me, PollyhasAKettle is wiser than I!

CiderwithBuda Mon 23-Oct-17 04:46:09

Presumably she is not going to just not turn up but will tell them officially that she has to resign effective immediately? She could get a letter from a doctor clarifying that it is on medical - mental health - grounds.

She does need to do this properly rather than a knee jerk reaction.

And yes she needs to clear her credit card.

PollyHasAKettle Mon 23-Oct-17 04:54:40

When any of my lot are on a layover Ive always thought it meant they had flown to a country as crew and were going to be flying back as crew.

So, I think she's rostered as crew for the flight back to the Emirates and if she is this is all going to start happening for her as soon as she tells the Cabin Senior that she doesn't want to fly back.

She needs to go back and perhaps take a parent/friend with her for moral support till she can sort things out.

And Im not sure why people think she's in the Uk, it could be anywhere.

PollyHasAKettle Mon 23-Oct-17 05:03:31

She does need to do this properly rather than a knee jerk reaction

In a nutshell ^

She needs to hold her nerve and I suspect its being back in her home country that's complicating this for her. I think if she was in another country on layover she wouldn't even be thinking of not going back. She'd know she had to.

Once back in Dubai she would be on the crew bus going back and forward to work. And the building where she lives is probably very secure meaning it would be difficult for someone to get in.

She could also have someone with her when going back and forward to the offices to do what she has to do in order to leave nicely.

MonochromeDog Mon 23-Oct-17 07:38:33

Thanks for replies. She was supposed to fly back Saturday night, she rang and told them she had a family emergency in order to get some extra time.

Ok, the problem about her being arrested, this man thy now lives in Dubai went to prison for something he did to her whilst she was underage, if you catch my drift. He’s been sending her messages on FB. That’s how she knows he’s in Dubai. He was deported to his home country in the ME upon release from prison. There’s a possibility he’ll tell the authorities in Dubai what happened to her, and as we know they’re not exactly the most liberal and rational country when it comes to women’s rights. She’s worried that even though in the UK it’s illegal what happened to her, over there it’s seen as sex before marriage and she’ll be arrested upon entering Dubai.

I’m trying to convince her to stay home and just quit, then they’ll presumably courier her belongings back to her?

CiderwithBuda Mon 23-Oct-17 09:11:15

Why do you think he would tell the police?

SandLand Mon 23-Oct-17 10:03:50

Underage is treated differently to outside marriage, ime of the ME.
If the authorities know what happened in the past - and they must to have deported him, and she still got a visa (although is home a GCC country like his? Visas are different in that case) to work there, she has little reason to worry.

BUT she does need to talk to her managers /Airline HR. Just not returning, and leaving debts in the UAE, and not exiting properly if she is on a work visa will cause no end of issues. If she wants to quit, she needs the support of she company to resolve any issues. She will not be able to leave without issues without their support/assistance.

OuaisMaisBon Mon 23-Oct-17 10:17:15

If he was deported after being released from prison, is he not back in the UAE illegally, then?

LookImAHooman Mon 23-Oct-17 10:21:11

Ouias OP seems to mean the crime happened in the UK and he was deported from here.

OuaisMaisBon Mon 23-Oct-17 10:27:22

Oh, right, thank you Look, I got quite the wrong end of the stick there. As far as I know, anything which did not happen in the UAE is not considered as relevant - plus the man is hardly going to admit to Dubai police that he had been imprisoned for such a crime elsewhere.
Sandland is right, she musn't put herself further in the wrong, she needs to extricate herself legally, not clandestinely.

Shutupanddance1 Mon 23-Oct-17 10:30:15

Pretty sure the crime has to be committed in the UAE for it to count?

On the other hand, I'm not sure you can get restraining orders in the UAE but your friend needs to go and get her stuff straightened out! She can't leave her debt as they will arrest you at the airport if you attempt to leave the jurisdiction without paying it. Happened to a guy who I got a job for in Saudi, didn't tell us he had previous debt in UAE and got arrested on his layover.

CiderwithBuda Mon 23-Oct-17 10:37:08

She needs to go back and talk to HR. If she feels more comfortable then she could take a family member or she could approach a friend in Dubai.

Or - she can just contact HR from where she is and tell them what is going on. I'm sure they would do all they could to help.

Somanyshoes Mon 23-Oct-17 10:45:47

A PP is correct, she can't get arrested for something that happened in the past, in the UK, only if there was a warrant for her arrest, which sounds highly unlikely given the circumstances, and even then, I don't believe there's an extradition treaty anyway. Given that she already has a visa with one of the National airlines, I don't think she needs to worry on that front.

However, she will need to return to resign and have her visa cancelled properly, otherwise she will be reported as absconded and this will lead to no end of problems - an employer definitely won't courier her items back for her either. Also, she really will have to clear the outstanding debt, which she will need to be here for, otherwise, again the repercussions are pretty bad for debt.

She could also try contacting the police herself and reporting this guy for threatening and intimidating behavior, which is frowned upon. In the first instance, she really should speak to her HR who I'm sure will be really supportive and advise her the best solution.

MonochromeDog Mon 23-Oct-17 21:29:08

She contacted her manager and told her the truth, Manager advised flying back to Dubai with her parent and resigning and cancelling visa from there as then it can all be done properly and she’ll get cargo space for her belongings. So they’re booked on a flight tomorrow night.

Thanks for all the advicesmile

SandLand Tue 24-Oct-17 04:36:46


Just a thought, if he's stalking her on Facebook, can she put up a (fake) status, if that's the sort of thing she does, stating how lucky her scheduling is that she has got an extended layover in home city, and is out of Dubai for the next week?

OuaisMaisBon Tue 24-Oct-17 05:48:09

Really glad to hear that it should be sorted properly. Good luck to her in future. Terrible shame one man could have such a drastic effect on her life, though. Poor thing.

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