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how about a what are you doing today thread..only if you have teens?

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ssd Sun 22-Oct-17 14:11:59

instead of the usual, making a big family roast, going a walk in the park and splashing in puddles, watching the kids play, I thought why dont we have an alternative?

I'll start.

Trying to get ds to get up, dressed and out the house. Trying to get ds off the PS4. Fighting with him over homework. Currently cooking a big roast that wont get eaten as they want a takeaway due to being hungover. Giving another ds money for a haircut that was cut 3 weeks ago but is now too long as you can't see his skull now. Ironing clothes that are longer than me.Watching stuff on telly with the volume up as cant hear it as ds's playing ps4 online.

HemlockStarglimmer Sun 22-Oct-17 14:20:56

Nagged 13 year old and her pal who’s stayed the night to get up. Suggested that she puts on clean clothes, rather than the ones she slept in. Sent them both upstairs to brush their teeth.

Velvetbee Sun 22-Oct-17 14:21:36

On the way to PIL in the car. DS back from uni for DD's 18th birthday. They got drunk together last night and have had a quiet morning while I was at work.
They have ceased to fight like cat and dog, the distance is suiting them.

AnyFucker Sun 22-Oct-17 14:24:39

One is on the 2nd shower of the day

The other came downstairs, finished off last nights takeaway and eent back to bed

Dh is doing diy and I am half sorting laundry/tidying up and watching "A Place in the Sun"

moomoogalicious Sun 22-Oct-17 14:29:20

One is upstairs still in pjs playing an online game on her laptop. The other has showered and dressed and is downstairs playing on the ps4.

I'm happy as we had a late night last night so no pressure to do anything.

Allthebestnamesareused Sun 22-Oct-17 14:30:08

I am having a super lazy day in mpjs still, watching football on Sky and then will watch some catch up tv, DH has gone to gym and is the cooking us a roast this evening. DS got himself up and on the train to alondon with some friends to go to the East End Thrift Shop to go shopping for vintage clothes!

Lazy days!

Allthebestnamesareused Sun 22-Oct-17 14:31:05

So lazy it appears I can no longer type properly!

overitalready Sun 22-Oct-17 14:31:08

Well I have dd14 who is currently napping on the sofa after I made her get up at a horrendous 9am start..

DH is currently doing dinner which DD will eat in 30 seconds flat, disappear upstairs never to be seen until I get home from work tomorrow..

Morehistoryplease Sun 22-Oct-17 14:38:45

Trying to get dd to tidy her room. I've only asked three times today, which is clearly not enough.

birdsdestiny Sun 22-Oct-17 14:40:41

Ds1 is playing on ps 4 he got for his birthday yesterday. Apparently fifa18 is sooo much better than fifa17 because it has 'the journey' on it. In pyjamas. I am drinking coffee. Planned to have easy tea of tacos but have accidentally taken beef out the freezer instead of mince and now have to make a frigging stew.

SportyBobster Sun 22-Oct-17 14:41:13

I'm lying on the sofa in pjs eating a mint aero. Everyone else is out!

ThroughThickAndThin01 Sun 22-Oct-17 14:45:00

Ds1 and ds2 both at uni. Ds3 (17) had a driving lesson this morning. He's been face timing his gf all morning,. He's now gone out to do some skipping and weight lifting in our gym (converted outbuilding!) in our garden.

DH just back from a long cycle ride.

I walked the dogs, it's a beautiful day here, and have done very little else.

Ragwort Sun 22-Oct-17 14:47:15

My teen isn't here today as he and DH have been away for the weekend watching a match grin.

I have spent the day blitzing the house & batch cooking (in reality this means 20 minutes housework/40 minutes mumsnetting & reading/20 minutes housework/large glass of wine with lunch/20 minutes cooking/ an hour watching dross on the tv etc etc. So I have NOT been doing housework all the time and I did have two full days away enjoying myself in the week - staying in a nice hotel.

I have ventured into teenage DS's room to retrieve washing, vacuum floor, vague tidy up - I only do that once every couple of months grin.

Weekends with teenagers are so different to the usual Sunday threads of 'walks in the park' and afternoons at soft play.

Most weekends are spent nagging DS to do homework (6th former) and tidy his room - which I seem to have been doing for the last 16 years so it clearly doesn't work!

I have the choice to work Sundays and I often do as I prefer a solo break in the week.

Giraffesarequitetall Sun 22-Oct-17 14:57:41

Sitting on the sofa watching tv on my own. Knackered because the first one rang at 7.15am and woke us up to drive 20 miles to pick him up from a party, despite us saying 9am was the earliest we would get up on our only lie in of the week 😬.

Said child is in his room having cooked fish and chips at 1pm despite us planning dinner for about 2pm. We have since decided to eat later..

Second teen is lying on a sofa watching YouTube and no doubt snapchatting , again was as a sleepover last night. He has declined to go out with friends as he didn’t want to go where they were going.

DH is clearing out his wardrobe trying to be efficient and do something useful. I am therefore lying around feeling a bit guilty that I am doing nothing productive. I have also eaten half the contents of the used to be full biscuit tin 😕.

Now signing off as a cat has just sat on my lap so I am totally unable to move now 😀

VioletCharlotte Sun 22-Oct-17 15:10:26

DS1 has his personal statement to write, coursework to do and needs to apply for a PT job. Instead he has gone to a mates to make dead bodies for Halloween, leaving a sea of dirty plates and clothes in his bedroom.

DS2 eventually got dressed about 13 and has been ensconced in his room on the PS4 ever since, taking an occasional break to come into the kitchen and stare into the fridge.

I've done 3 loads of washing and walked th dog.

No idea what we're having for dinner or even who's in for dinner.

Fiderer Sun 22-Oct-17 15:11:32

I've long since given up on rooms though was amused by being hugged by eldest son (technically not a teen as now 20) earlier & told "Oh Mum, I want to clear my room up but I'm too lazy." "Me too" I responded. Hug welcome but ineffective.

He was looking at his sister's room. Yes, cleared up & moved all round but she's still in bed claiming she needs to revise for exams next week & is doing so by watching series 2 of Riverdale & asking me plaintively for food.

All 3 had pizza for breakfast, loads left over because the boys didn't get home last night, or got home so late as to not know where the kitchen is.

And the eldest is now on his piano. I've told him to keep on because it may make his sister leave her room to make her own bloody sandwich.

I'm on MN & listening to John Le Carré because living with teenagers hardens you to tales of the Cold War.

Floralnomad Sun 22-Oct-17 15:15:38

Much as a we were in the previous thread dd still on the iPad , I'm still on MN and watching cricket , dh is still out doing painting for my mum . The only difference is ds and his boyfriend have now decamped to his flat and will be back tomorrow , so 2 less for tea . Dog , who is not a teenager or young adult is asleep in an armchair .

wifeyhun Sun 22-Oct-17 15:18:08

My 15 year old has been finishing her personal statement and we have applied to college.

Have been to Lidl to get bakery stuff for lunch.

Now being tormented to youtube vlogs of the Inghams by my 10 year old.

AgnesNitt1976 Sun 22-Oct-17 15:26:00

My DD 15 currently say out on the balcony sulking whilst on her phone after we argued about my not going swimming today. We are on holiday in Greece and my IBS is horrendous but that makes me a shit mum pardon the pun.

traviata Sun 22-Oct-17 15:26:18

I have had a brisk row discussion about half term homework with DD, who is now settled in to a good long session of Mario Kart.

Then a similar row discussion with DS who then came out with me to walk the dog, dropped the lead and lost it, and threw balls wildly causing poor Ddog to run very close to the road. High stress levels all round.

I have done my tax return and want chocolate, but also want to lose a stone by Christmas.

We are going out for dinner because DC and DH are going to a gig.

clary Sun 22-Oct-17 15:39:41

Haha OP I hear you smile

I started with shouting DS1 and DS2 out of bed to do their paper rounds. Then took DS2 to his footy match (they won! but it was cold and rainy).

Home and took DS1 to work (his proper job, in a pub kitchen - he is 18). Before we set off did checklist - got kit? Got hat? Had shower? Brushed teeth? hmm to "yes" for last one!

Have been doing a last bit of holiday work (teacher but determined to relax for once this half term) and now going to make meatballs for tea and do the Ironing (aka Mont Blanc).

DD has gone to her play rehearsal (walked so no need for taxi); Ds2 is immobile in front of phone/telly.

Trying to get dd to tidy her room. I've only asked three times today, which is clearly not enough. This.

Trailedanderror Sun 22-Oct-17 15:45:03

Teen+ is back from University for an interview. Unfortunately the glass of wine she had with lunch has wiped her out and she's retired for a nap. DS is glowering at his dad doing his Personal Statement. DH is working and I'm having a nice sit down as I'm very hot and bothered after gardening then coming into HOT house.

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sun 22-Oct-17 15:46:06

Ds 1 and 2 are away at university. Ds3-18 , Dh and I are settling in to watch Spurs stuff Liverpool then a roast later.

Wine is chilling in the fridge and I’m feeling very happy as I’m on half term this week so no getting up

INeedToEat Sun 22-Oct-17 15:46:31

I was up and out early for yoga / walking.. left 3 kids in bed. Went to visit my sister and came home to a shit tip with x3 kids sitting about. Shouted at said kids .. they washed up. One is now making (from scratch) a pizza. I've showered and got into bed where I shall be staying until about 6pm when I need to get ready for a night out with a friend.

Aderyn17 Sun 22-Oct-17 15:48:11

One ds is hiding in his room, avoiding the 'do your homework' conversation. He is on netflix/fifa/phone.
Other ds is watching sky sports, I think. They have both emerged for food.

I have taken 10 year old to her sports club, done some food shopping, made lunch and am on 2nd load of washing.

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