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Earwig in frozen raspberries

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RoganJosh Sun 22-Oct-17 08:10:38

Worth an email to the supermarket or just one of those things?

I'm not sure I feel like eating the rest of them now. Ugh.

Jacana Sun 22-Oct-17 08:20:33

Yes, to the supermarket. Any idea of the company that packaged them? If so, email them too. That was the game we played years ago at school to the crisp manufacturers who supplied the school tuck shop. We used to gett so many goodies back from them grin

RoganJosh Sun 22-Oct-17 08:21:47

It's supermarket own brand.

RoderickRules Sun 22-Oct-17 08:22:52

Which one OP?
Def contact them.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 22-Oct-17 08:24:15

Just one of those things,it's not like you can blast raspberries with water during packing or they'll get ruined.

JonSnowsWife Sun 22-Oct-17 08:26:35

Just one of those things but email them and let them know anyway.

RoganJosh Sun 22-Oct-17 08:31:32

I will. Thanks everyone. I don't know why I'm being coy about who it is. It's Tesco.

JonSnowsWife Sun 22-Oct-17 08:42:00

Meh. We've found little snails in bags of frozen veg before. Part of a dead caterpillar in a apple juice from a well known company, I don't think it was dead when it went in there, it just wanted a drink. We did let the shop know about the snail, we got a lovely bottle of wine by way of an apology grin. But I accepted the latter was probably just par for the course.

I think it's one of those things we forget was very common in ye olden days when everyone used to grow their own veg and wash it off without a second thought. Anything crunchy was simply seen as extra protein wink

Jacana Sun 22-Oct-17 08:43:20

It's not 'just one of those things', tho, is it? They're hardly being processed in a sterile hygienic environment, are they. So I'd be having fun with that one, bringing in the effect on my old gran who has arachnophobia it's had....yep! You could have a lot of fun with that one grin

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 22-Oct-17 08:47:02

It can't be a sterile environment if you're bringing in great huge containers of raspberries picked outside. I doubt it would ever claim to be sterile.

PerfumeIsAMessage Sun 22-Oct-17 08:48:46

Just one of those things but an email too! Yuck.

RoganJosh Sun 22-Oct-17 08:53:24

An earwig isn't an arachnid grin

Jacana Sun 22-Oct-17 09:04:53

Isn't it? I didn't know that. Bet they don't eithergrin g'wan, op, you know you want to...
Btw, if it's not an arachnid, what is it? Just curious. Is 'insect' an actual species group? Spect I could google, but cba...

flumpybear Sun 22-Oct-17 09:08:05

I used to work on a raspberry research study and ear wigs are rife on raspberry plants - they’re also very soft so can’t handle much washing - I’d say in this case it’s one of those things

However when I got a large freeze dried spider in my cup a soup ..... and didn’t realise til it was in my mouth 😱😱😱😱 .....

RoganJosh Sun 22-Oct-17 09:10:17

Yeah, insect is a proper group I think. I like the random direction this is going! grin

RoganJosh Sun 22-Oct-17 09:11:21

Ugh. Might switch to frozen blueberries then. They seem a bit more thick skinned so may get a better wash.

I'm just ignoring the spider part. La la la.

TheLegendOfBeans Sun 22-Oct-17 09:14:31

As i am PHOBIC about earwigs I'd probably drive to Cheshunt myself (I'm assuming it was Tesco) and raze the head office to the ground.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 22-Oct-17 09:15:40

If you picked them from your garden, would you wash them? I wouldn't, it makes them go all soggy, I eat them straight from the cane.

TheLongRider Sun 22-Oct-17 09:20:19

Found a caramelized earwig in some Duchy raspberry jam once. Should I have sued the Prince of Wales? 😀

roloisking Sun 22-Oct-17 09:25:24

I found a small snail in a packet of frozen petit pois - the supermarket sent a courier to collect the peas and to give me a £10 voucher.

BumWad Sun 22-Oct-17 09:27:42

One of those things. I wouldn’t bother.

We found a piece of plastic in a pudding, that’s definitely an issue but an earwig? Meh

sparechange Sun 22-Oct-17 09:29:52

Sterile food?!
I agree it’s just one of those things...
They’ll probably send you some vouchers if you email them though

ZepellinBend Sun 22-Oct-17 09:32:45

I have a phobia of earwigs, any other insect fine except them but even I wouldn't bother emailing about that. One of those things.

JonSnowsWife Sun 22-Oct-17 09:54:36

However when I got a large freeze dried spider in my cup a soup ..... and didn’t realise til it was in my mouth

flumpybear shock

Jacana Sun 22-Oct-17 11:33:44

Right! I'm holding my hand up, my bad, to the sterile word I used. But I'm holding on to the hygienic onesmile
In what parallel universe have earwigs ever been considered a hygienic addition to anything?
Anyway, let's get back to the embarrassment and trauma it's caused you and your're off!
Can you tell I used to run creative writing courses? The complaint letter was always great fun.wink

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