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Awake and fed up!

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fruityb Sun 22-Oct-17 05:27:13

Ds has a cough at the moment and he is coughing a bit in the night. He doesn’t wake up but it’s enough to wake me up (we don’t use monitor anymore) and he seems to wait till I’m about to nod off to cough again; putting me back to square one with going back to sleep!

I was asleep having a lovely time when DH came to bed at half one. He’d obviously fallen asleep on the sofa (again) and come up to bed late. He got in, woke me up, moved his pillows so they landed on my face, apologised and then proceeded to loudly fart three times causing a stink and annoying me. He is then asleep in seconds.

I fall asleep only to wake up at 4am (which is happening a lot lately). No noise from Ds. Until I start trying to go to sleep and the coughing starts again - this time accompanied with the odd noise so I keep thinking he’s waking up. I’m now on alert and cannot sleep.

Add to this the pain I am suffering in my back which feels constantly arched when I lay on my back but doesn’t stop hurting on my sides. Can’t lay on my sides as I suffer an aching pain in my legs, right at the sides of my thighs. Not quite at my hips but very similar to the pain I had in pregnancy. It went away when Ds was born but returned and now a year later is causing me bother once more.

My cat is snoring.

Once morning feels like a reasonable hour Ds will probably wake up. At which time I will be kicking DH out and trying to catch up. I end up in a cycle of irritation when trying to sleep! I think I’m going to get ear plugs to drown out that cough. He doesn’t wake up with them but I do!! He’s vicked up, feet chest back and had some cough gloop. Helped for a bit but not enough!

Needed to write this down so apologies it may be boring. I’m just so fed up of not sleeping and resenting my husband who sleeps soundly and never wakes when Ds does. That kid farts and I’m wide awake! He’s in the next room ffs!

TheWorldIsMyCakePop Sun 22-Oct-17 06:36:50

You have my endless sympathy. I'm giving DH some sleep and then I'm going back to bed. I really didn't want to get up this morning with the children, but he sleeps badly at the best of times so I feel I should.

brew for you.

Eminado Sun 22-Oct-17 06:38:48

Got a coughing baby here too.

Resentment towards DH is high. Very high.

fruityb Sun 22-Oct-17 08:20:29

Ds woke at half seven and DH took him straight downstairs. He’s had breakfast and I can hear him chattering. My back still hurts.

Tonight will be voltarol and ear plugs before bed!

fruityb Sun 22-Oct-17 08:21:09

His cough is intermittent and not that bad. He actually sounds like he’s making it worse than it is when he’s awake! But I can’t relax whenever I hear it!

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