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things I've learned from mumsnet

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ssd Fri 20-Oct-17 23:44:26

some women bloody hate men

some MIL's want to take over and have everything their way

people love judging each other and pretending they dont

people love being popular and cliquey

FourEyesGood Fri 20-Oct-17 23:47:13

To stop being so judgemental all the time (and that a snapshot of someone’s life does not necessarily represent their entire way of living).

AreThereAnyUsersnamesLeft Fri 20-Oct-17 23:52:02

the thing about baby vest's having the foldy neck so that you can pull them down and not up so avoid getting any leakage from a nappy on the baby (which I personally did not know before mumsnet - it was a relevation)

and that you can keep a duvet set matched with the correct pillowcases by stowing the set in one of those pillow cases (OR you could just put non-matching items on the bed which I do)

ToadTheVampireThreadKiller Sat 21-Oct-17 00:23:15

That if I buy a house it is highly likely that the sellers are trying to escape from the neighbours due to parking/noise/dog/cat/child problems.

Be3Al2Si6O18 Sat 21-Oct-17 00:31:54

That the most predominant, pushy, thread-ruling poster(s) are as constructive to the OP as a chocolate fireguard. Particularly in Relationships.

And that the quieter, more self-effacing posters who come on once in a while are usually right and deserve the most head space.

CaretakerToNuns Sat 21-Oct-17 00:35:17

That some women side with males 100% of the time regardless of the situation.

zzzzz Sat 21-Oct-17 00:38:16

That people crave being liked more than I ever could have guessed, and that I am not as I had thought a “feminist who just doesn’t talk about it much” and actually have little in common with outspoken feminists at all. shock

AnnaThursday Sat 21-Oct-17 00:41:26

Political threads all take the same route regardless of topic heading.

OliviaStabler Sat 21-Oct-17 05:51:34

Far more people are afraid of dogs than I had assumed.

AtlanticWaves Sat 21-Oct-17 06:01:24

Mattress protector - sheet - 2nd mattress protector - 2nd sheet

A life saver for bed wetting / sick in the night

AgathaOHara Sat 21-Oct-17 06:11:18

*That some women side with males 100% of the time regardless of the situation
You’ve learnt that from MN, have you? Absolute crap. Which posters have you been stalking to know what their response to any “situation” is 100% of the time?

I suspect you’re talking about those (unfortunately few) MNers who don’t believe that having a fanny make you a saint incapable of bad behaviour.

CaoNiMwahaha Sat 21-Oct-17 08:04:39

I've learned that internalised misogyny is depressingly rife.

ssd Sat 21-Oct-17 13:34:23

I've also learned that most people are depressed by brexit and it hasnt even happened yet

Feckitall Sat 21-Oct-17 13:56:15

- that anyone who voted Brexit is viewed as an idiot
- MILs can do nothing right, its never the DIL who is being unreasonable
- DC are either ultra bright or have SEN, doesn't seem to be many purely average kids
- there is no such thing as a naughty child
- any minor grievance should be 'logged' with 101
- women don't have to take any responsibility for their life decisions they are victims of patriarchy
- cheeky fuckers are a growing species
- a chicken the size of a budgie will feed a family for a week
- that trans issues are a big thing

And I will get a MN slapping for saying most of the above..wink grin

BastardTart Sat 21-Oct-17 14:05:43

The UK is in the midst of a cheeky fucker epidemic

Other people also hate scented sanitary products

It is impossible to have a rational debate about the conservatives, labour or brexit

Judashascomeintosomemoney Sat 21-Oct-17 14:09:28

atlantic oh, my, gawd! I’ve never seen that one, that is genius! Thank you, thank you.

falange Sat 21-Oct-17 14:16:31

People are really judgmental about people they think are judgmental

People believe everything their young children tell them about teachers

Nazdarovye Sat 21-Oct-17 14:19:21

That some women think that all women should stick together all the time no matter what, regardless of the situation. That we should unite in some sisterly fashion, providing each other with handholds and group hugs and emotional support just because we are all the same gender. If you dare to "betray" or criticise this holy sisterhood in any way, even verbally, they will tear you apart like a pack of wolves and send you to the pits of hell. Naice!

wetpumpkins Sat 21-Oct-17 14:22:14

Opposite to falange

Child = lying scrote
Teacher = overworked saint.

Undercoverbanana Sat 21-Oct-17 14:24:08

I thought I was quite comfortably off, but compared to MN I am not.

OvOntToSuckYourBlood Sat 21-Oct-17 14:26:49

That a lot of people really really hate that other people do things differently to them. So much judging/sneering/cuntiness.

birdsdestiny Sat 21-Oct-17 14:28:19

That I am a feminist.

Ifailed Sat 21-Oct-17 14:34:03

some people genuinely think that their wedding is the best day of their life. I though this only happened in Mills and Boon novels.

AnnaThursday Sat 21-Oct-17 15:37:57

@Feckitall grin

AnnaThursday Sat 21-Oct-17 15:46:13

That if DP/DH looks at you sideways you’re entitled to the house plus at least 50% of his earnings and you absolutely must immediately consult a SHL, get your ducks in a row and LTB

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