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How much is your buildings and contents?

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Bookaboo Fri 20-Oct-17 10:33:20

Standard 3 bed semi.
No previous claims.
Buildings insurance less than 200k.
£30k sum insured for contents.
£100 excess (£250 for flood)
Includes contents away from home and legal cover.
£410 a year. Seems to have gone up a lot over the years despite no claims.
How does this compare to yours with similar cover?

FlappyRose Fri 20-Oct-17 10:35:59

It sounds similar to mine- 3 bed semi with no claims- but mine costs £185 per year.

DubiousCredentials Fri 20-Oct-17 10:40:12

Three bed end terrace, no claims, similar cover to you and with paying extra for bike cover is £288 pa. With John Lewis.

Bookaboo Fri 20-Oct-17 10:52:50

Meant to say we have accidental damage included as well.
Do yours both include the legal cover too?

dantdmistedious Fri 20-Oct-17 10:58:24

I think ours is about £250 but our excess is higher, we have bike cover, specified jewellery and accidental damage. M&S. switch provider every year.

Gave you got an alarm, neighbourhood watch, decent locks?

BarbaraofSevillle Fri 20-Oct-17 11:03:39

I think ours is about £250-300 for a similar policy, but no accidental damage, which I think is quite an expensive extra. What are you covering for this? Bear in mind that standard policies include accidental damage to things like TVs (I think).

You could probably get it a bit cheaper if you shop around and get cashback through quidco or topcashback.

I tend to see house insurance as a 'disaster only' policy and would probably only claim if we had a fire or flood or similar. Otherwise we've only had one claim in 20+ years of home ownership and that was when my (very expensive) bike was stolen.

I probably wouldn't claim for 'paint on a carpet' or similar unless it was new and expensive because we don't have fancy furnishings or possessions and the price they bump the policy up in future is probably more than what they would pay out.

Bookaboo Fri 20-Oct-17 15:35:54

I got a new quote with the same company for £250!
Hmmm..what's the catch i wonder.

Frith1975 Fri 20-Oct-17 15:40:55

£180 for everything, small hOuse.

RavingRoo Fri 20-Oct-17 15:42:39

120 pa including legal, personal possessions up to 100k with named items, and accidental cover for buildings and contents

RosyPony Fri 20-Oct-17 15:45:46

We have contents and building with two different company’s. Both about £200 for a rural 4 bed detached and contents to include high value jewellery away from home, so about £400 in total. House with about £300k and contents £55k off the top of my head.

SquareWord Fri 20-Oct-17 15:49:41

That sounds expensive. Are you sure that your contents aren't worth more than £30k? That sounds a little low.

SandyDenny Fri 20-Oct-17 16:03:27

There's no catch, it's how renewal works, if anyone's foolish enough to pay what they ask without shopping around they get ripped off.

Your postcode has a huge bearing on the premium so unless someone lives next door to you their premium's irrelevant to yours

Puppymouse Fri 20-Oct-17 16:04:17

Just done ours as renewal was up. 178 for the year - 4 bed 30s Terrace

SimultaneousEquation Fri 20-Oct-17 16:05:25

Um... do you really want to be putting this detail on the internetz?

Ohyesiam Fri 20-Oct-17 16:12:14

And yes they don't reward loyalty

Bookaboo Fri 20-Oct-17 17:14:48

Um... do you really want to be putting this detail on the internet

I'm not sure what the harm is? You have no idea where I live or who I am, so it's just generic stuff, nothing personal to me.

I know they don't reward loyalty, but the T&Cs of the new policy seem different to my existing one. Makes me think the original t&cs were better. I'll have to dig them out & have a look.
Plus there's a whole host of questions I was asked when I first set up the policy, which I wasn't asked when I got a new quote today.

BarbaraofSevillle Fri 20-Oct-17 21:23:54

That sounds very cheap RavingRoo especially with the stonkingly large personal possessions cover.

Which company, where are you and what circumstances (house and household size) if you don't mind me asking?

LightastheBreeze Fri 20-Oct-17 21:28:51

We pay about £300 with John Lewis and it seem to cover just about everything, we could have got other insurance for about £150 -£200 but it was quite limited and didn’t include some thing. 3 bed detached.

IfYouGoDownToTheWoodsToday Fri 20-Oct-17 21:37:03

Check if you can up your excess, it can save a lot on your premium.

Ours is astronomical as we're thatched and live right next to water so very high risk. However I recently got it down by a third by putting up the excess, we went from £100 excess to £1000, on buildings and our premium came down to three figures. Yippee!hmm.

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