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Best bath toys for 12 month old?

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ownedbySWD Wed 18-Oct-17 10:56:24

Just that, really. I hate rubber duck type toys that get all manky inside. Is this just the hazard of bath toys in general? What keeps your little one entertained in the bath (and sitting down for more than two seconds!!?)

Talcott2007 Wed 18-Oct-17 11:01:07

Have found stacking cups quite successful with DD - we have a set that have different shaped holes for the water to pour through which she thinks is hilarious - advantage of these is no 'inner' space so no chance of them getting manky!

NoNakedBottomsAtTheTable Wed 18-Oct-17 11:21:06

I second the stacking cups - these are really good.

Also mine liked playing with those solid plastic animals in the bath at that age.

Maybe when a little older a tea set! I found an all plastic one for not much money in Tiger, but you can probably get a cheapy plastic one in Wilkos or similar. Although you may find you are forced to eat bubble bath cake and drink bath water tea!

Mine are a bit older now and have got them a plastic 'chemistry' set with test tubes and pouring things for making potions in the bath. They love it!

ownedbySWD Wed 18-Oct-17 11:30:03

Lovely ideas, thank you.

Mol1628 Wed 18-Oct-17 11:44:32

Another vote for stacking cups.
Munchkin do some nice toysthey have bath cars with wheels that also float.
Also mine just love jugs, Tupperware, sieves etc.

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