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Ninja roll call! We have jam rolls, iced rolls, cheese rolls.. Help yourself!

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MipMipMip Tue 17-Oct-17 23:42:18

By the time you read this I will sneakily have won the last thread while everyone sleeps.


<<twiddles moustache>>

MipMipMip Wed 18-Oct-17 00:00:05

Hope I've understood this correctly

Come back!

I know I've missed some. Sorry. sad

MipMipMip Wed 18-Oct-17 00:00:57

Last thread (which I won!grin)

Becca19962014 Wed 18-Oct-17 00:08:33

THATS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angry you delibrately raced when I said I was going to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!


Becca19962014 Wed 18-Oct-17 00:08:54

<<SULKS>> loudly

Becca19962014 Wed 18-Oct-17 00:09:37

<<hides in rafters with scary glowy eyes>>

Becca19962014 Wed 18-Oct-17 00:11:39

<<finds and eats ALL the cake in the barn>>
<<still sulking>>

mogloveseggs Wed 18-Oct-17 00:11:52

Welll done mip

Becca19962014 Wed 18-Oct-17 00:12:36

SHE CHEATED!!!!!!!!!

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Wed 18-Oct-17 01:47:58


Becca19962014 Wed 18-Oct-17 01:51:26

Hello. I'm afraid I'm just going to try and sleep (again!) so can't hang around for a chat. Hopefully someone else will turn up!

MipMipMip Wed 18-Oct-17 01:52:10

Hello Housewife, welcome.

Thank you Mog.

Becca I did not cheat. I was sneaky - that's allowed.

I admit it's more fun with a competitor though - I kept expecting someone to come in.

The good news is I have reinforced the rafters in here so you can eat lots more cake. Also I've had a properly sized giraffe-door put in so we won't all freeze when he needs to go out.

MipMipMip Wed 18-Oct-17 01:53:51

Bed time for me too. Assuming I can find a easy in from under MipHound. He's on my pillows. hmm

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Wed 18-Oct-17 07:10:06

I hope MipHound made some room for you Mip and that you got some sleep Becca

Do we have any egg rolls? I quite fancy one. With a nice runny yolk.

Does anyone get a notification from the @ thing? I’ve turned mine on but it never seems to send notifications confused

I found you anyway. Thanks for the new thread Mip star

Becca19962014 Wed 18-Oct-17 09:32:43

WHAT?!? I just got rid of the bloody giraffe!!!!!!!! angry

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Wed 18-Oct-17 10:43:00

Where’s my egg roll? Waaaaaaaah

MipMipMip Wed 18-Oct-17 11:08:56

But he was cold!

You wouldn't be mean Becca, would you!?!?sad

MipMipMip Wed 18-Oct-17 11:10:30

<<sets out buffet with rolls of all types and all types of fillings. Including blocks of chocolate>>

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Wed 18-Oct-17 11:21:30

Thank you Mip

I’m quite peckish this morning

MipMipMip Wed 18-Oct-17 12:13:15

Then feast away m'dear Lesley!

I'm fancying a bacon buttie at the moment.

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Wed 18-Oct-17 12:44:57

Enjoy your buttie

I might whip up a batch of nachos if anyone fancies some

Are you doing anything exciting today?

The bunnies have snuck indoors again. They’re keeping a watchful eye on their hay supplies after last time.

NKFell Wed 18-Oct-17 14:12:29

Oh maaan I am so hungry! I'm starving I really am!

Oh and hi! Congrats mip!

NKFell Wed 18-Oct-17 14:13:29

I'll have to take a pic of my bun house leslie they defo love it, it's huge (relatively speaking)

wombattoo Wed 18-Oct-17 16:27:49

Congratulations on winning the thread Mip 👑🏅🏆
And what an easy win grin

Becca I hope you're feeling a bit brighter (and your giraffe is keeping you company up there grin)

Hi everyone else <waves>

Becca19962014 Wed 18-Oct-17 17:10:32

<<sulks hiding away in rafters>>
<<ignores giraffe>>

Today I learnt that universal credit goes live for disabled people in my county from the New Year. There's no way I'm going to be able to manage on it with my needs. Person who told me (appt due to safeguarding, which by the way has been ignored because 'it's not like we can do anything is it?') said I should start saving now as the average time to wait for a payment here is well beyond the six weeks recommended.

AND the giraffe is back.

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