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What's interesting about you?

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JonSnowsWhore Sun 15-Oct-17 20:43:54

Every day on here I find other posters fascinating for different things. Their knowledge about certain subjects, eg medical or legal, places they’ve been, interesting jobs, just overall life experiences etc. I feel quite boring, I’m just an average, mundane mum of 3 with no special knowledge & nothing that I feel is interesting about myself!
Anyone want to share what they think makes them interesting? A great job, knowledge of something out of the ordinary, anything listen above? Or if you feel a bit boring like me, then what can we do to make ourselves less so smile

Anecdoche Sun 15-Oct-17 21:37:09

absolutely nothing. i am really rather dull, sadly. 😁

TheQueenOfWands Sun 15-Oct-17 21:39:24

I can psychically connect with sheep.

BrokeAndBad Sun 15-Oct-17 21:39:30

I'm soooo boring!!
I'd love to know how to be less boring lolblushshockconfusedhmm

FlowerPotMum Sun 15-Oct-17 21:40:15

Haha, absolutely bog all!. Boring is the new black!😂

WhataHexIgotinto Sun 15-Oct-17 21:41:35

No. I'm completely dull. I've been told I'm good company and make people laugh but then, so do most people. There's literally nothing interesting about me!

Mosaic123 Sun 15-Oct-17 21:42:21

I teach mosaics from home. Apart from that, not a lot.

blackheartsgirl Sun 15-Oct-17 21:48:42

Nothing at all

JonSnowsWhore Sun 15-Oct-17 21:48:58

Bloody hell how have I attracted all you lot 😂 ah well glad I’m not the only one! See mosaics is different & something you can talk about!

I’m jealous of the sheep connection, teach me

Launderetta Sun 15-Oct-17 21:51:51

Another one here with nothing interesting to contribute. Yawn. Maybe that's why I like reading because it's usually about interesting people, one way or another.

Josiah Sun 15-Oct-17 21:52:37

I don't sweat. Well, hardly ever sweat and if I do it's only when very unwell with a high temperature and for a very short period of time when I went through the menopause and only in one place, the back of my neck!

I only pee once or twice a day.

Grumpyteens Sun 15-Oct-17 21:55:18

I think it’s a bit difficult to think of oneself as ‘interesting’, usually it’s other people that tell you you’re interesting. Most people on this thread probably have something interesting about them but just don’t realise it.

TheFaerieQueene Sun 15-Oct-17 22:06:44

I haven’t ever been sick. I wish I had once or twice, but nothing doing.

Is that ok? wink

iklboo Sun 15-Oct-17 22:08:04

I can put mascara on with my mouth closed grin

DancingLedge Sun 15-Oct-17 22:09:37

Not possible, surely, iklboo

JonSnowsWhore Sun 15-Oct-17 22:19:10

Yeah I did think that would be the case grumpy, but surely there’s someone who wants to brag to keep me entertained grin never been sick, that is actually a good one!

Hippadippadation Sun 15-Oct-17 22:27:56

My special talent is that I can eyeball a 30g portion of cheese and get it right every time .

Hippadippadation Sun 15-Oct-17 22:28:26

Oops, didn't mean to strikethrough - was supposed to be italic! grin

disneydatknee Sun 15-Oct-17 22:32:04

My parents are super Christian (so I had an interesting upbringing) and my DH parents are super high up wiccans. Like they have a coven and do hand fasting ceremony's all over the country. This always makes for interesting story telling.

Bertsfriend Sun 15-Oct-17 22:40:27

Well I thought I had nothing, then Josiah made me realise I do! I'm thin, yet I sweat loads. I've never owned a coat because I'm always too hot, I have a couple of jumpers/cardigans/hoodies for winter.

Prusik Sun 15-Oct-17 22:44:00

I'm boring apart from I don't really bleed. Ever. Blood tests are hideous as the blood flow stops, I don't bleed if I cut myself, hardly bled after I had Ds (or during) - the mw actually commented on the lack of blood.

It's a boring interesting thing

JonSnowsWhore Sun 15-Oct-17 22:45:07

Yes the Wiccan thing is good! Hmm I’m fat but I get hot & cold normal amounts, nothing to report there either grin

OpheIiaBaIIs Sun 15-Oct-17 22:49:11

I can't burp. As in, physically unable to. Never burped in my life.

wobblywonderwoman Sun 15-Oct-17 22:49:13

Nothing really. I have an interesting job. Other than that.. Dull

doctorcuntybollocks Sun 15-Oct-17 22:49:25

My rich inner life.

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