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I never thought I'd do this twice!!

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TheresSomebodyAtTheDoor Wed 11-Oct-17 17:20:42

Embarrassingly, it's something, (maybe the only thing?) that each child has eaten every last crumb of! blush

I am SO far from the parent I thought I'd be!!

Bananalanacake Wed 11-Oct-17 17:23:23

Looks good but I thought it was for dogs at first grin . Bet you can't get it in Germany.

TheresSomebodyAtTheDoor Wed 11-Oct-17 19:48:53

I doubt very much Iceland exists in Germany!! My experience is that pizzas in Germany (Dussledorf anyway) are good, in a classic way, not in a frankfurter stuffed crust way!!

Bananalanacake Wed 11-Oct-17 21:01:06

Yeah, it's all dr oetker pizzas here. Never seen an Iceland in Germany. My dp has just got back from a work trip to dusseldorf. I have eaten sausages in croissants in Hamburg station, very nicesmile

ImperfectTents Wed 11-Oct-17 21:05:57

Dear god

TheresSomebodyAtTheDoor Wed 11-Oct-17 22:14:09

Do I need to pray for forgiveness, ImperfectTents??

ImperfectTents Wed 11-Oct-17 22:34:17

You are beyond redemption

ownedbySWD Wed 11-Oct-17 22:36:11

My DC would sing hallelujah praises to me if I bought such a thing.

ew1990 Wed 11-Oct-17 22:39:46

This is one of my favourite teas blush

TheresSomebodyAtTheDoor Thu 12-Oct-17 16:34:28

What are you having tonight ew1990??

We're having fish, chips and peas. Not nearly as exciting as frankfurter stuffed crust!
Woodland strudel and homemade custard for pudding, yum yum!!

ew1990 Thu 12-Oct-17 18:37:28

@TheresSomebodyAtTheDoor I'm not sure, I don't finish work for another hour and it's my last shift for maternity leave so might treat myself to salt and pepper chicken.

TheresSomebodyAtTheDoor Thu 12-Oct-17 23:51:10

Awww lush! Enjoy your mat leave eww1990!

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