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A scam which you may have come across.

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HappydaysArehere Tue 26-Sep-17 09:40:52

Phone call Saturday morning while still in bed. Man says in an urgent voice "This is Virginmedia, ringing to tell you that you have a virus in your router and a technician is going to call on you tomorrow to change it. Now I am going to give you your router number. Have you got something to write on?" Thinking this is really odd I go downstairs to pick up the phone and get a pen. He begins to give out a mixture of letters and numbers, none of which relate to the information on my hub which I keep,handy. Before he goes any further I say "wait a minute, how do,I know you are from Virginmedia?" That is why I am giving you this number he replies. I then told him I was going to ring Virgin and was reassured that a technician was coming to the house the next day. I put the phone down and contacted Virgin who of course assured me that it wasn't from them. I was then wondering how the caller knew I was with Virgin when DH reminded me that I had had a couple of phone calls saying they were from BT Broadband which I answered by saying that I was with Virgin and wasn't interested. Perhaps that was the phishing. I should imagine that the follow up would have been to get me to put my computer on to allow them access in order to place some malware in it or maybe "confirm" my address!

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