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Smelly shoes!

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Cydonia Tue 26-Sep-17 09:20:24

DS is 5. We bought him some new shoes for school a couple of weeks ago, sadly I was swayed by a non-leather pair as they were nice and wide, lightweight and comfy ( still £30 despite not being proper leather!! ) They absolutely STINK already! It's not even a particularly sweaty foot smell, more like a damp/foisty smell. They've been through the washing machine twice, been filled with rice, filled with bicarb and sprayed with anything I can get my hands on, still stink!
I'm wondering if it's because they have a memory foam insole, they maybe cause his feet to sweat more? Or possibly that they just don't dry out properly because of the insole? I noticed on Friday after school they were wet inside, but he has swimming on Fridays so might be something to do with that.
I'm going to have to go buy new ones today, any tips on what to get to avoid this happening again?! Is real leather better? Though his trainers are leather and they stink too. Didn't think I'd be having to deal with this just yet!

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