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Wah I've had a shit week and it's not even Tuesday

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bigtapdancingpimp Mon 25-Sep-17 23:52:40

My best friend was in a RTA yesterday and I've spent two days in hospital with her. She's really lucky to be alive. Some fucking arsehole hit her nearly head on. A twat in a fucking BMW who's lied to the police.

She's got spinal injuries and horrendous chest pain from the airbag.

Waiting for the police to investigate the accident; I live abroad so don't have every confidence in the local constabulary!

AtSea1979 Mon 25-Sep-17 23:53:59

You've had a shit week? What about your friend? They have had a shit week.

bigtapdancingpimp Mon 25-Sep-17 23:57:40

I know Atsea, I was sounding off.

bigtapdancingpimp Tue 26-Sep-17 00:04:13

But thanks anyway. I've looked after her cats and elderly father, that's what friends are for.

LookImAHooman Tue 26-Sep-17 04:12:03

Bloody hell, AtSea, I would think that's a given hmm Oddly doesn't mean OP has to be skipping through a meadow.

big flowers for you and of course your friend! I hope she recovers quickly and arsehole is dealt with properly.

LaughingElliot Tue 26-Sep-17 04:22:40

What a stupid thing to say Atsea.

Terrible shock for you OP, very worrying. So good your friend has you for support. How long is she expected to be in hospital?

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