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Company Policies?

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MrsMozart Mon 25-Sep-17 21:08:10

Had a quick look, but couldn't see where this might sit in Mumsnet, so plonged it here - if it's wrong please let me know and I'll ask MN to move it.

I need to review, renew, rewrite, and re-whatever else our small company's policies. We only have a basic list, so I might have to add some as well, am open to suggestion grin

I think we need:

HR - to include Discipline, Holiday, Sickness, Grievence;
Internet - useage and expectation of privacy, etc.
Travel and Expenses
Health and Safety
Code of Conduct, including Gifts (Anti-Bribery)
Equal Opportunities

Any suggestions or directions to useful sites would be much appreciated grin

MyNeighbourSnorlax Mon 25-Sep-17 21:10:08

Data protection?
Evacuation procedure? E.g fire

YouWereRight Mon 25-Sep-17 21:12:57

Shove something batty into the dress code just to see if anybody notices grin

HeadSpin5 Mon 25-Sep-17 21:14:04

Flexible working
Risk inc Cyber Crimf
Financial crime/AML
Social media use

HeadSpin5 Mon 25-Sep-17 21:14:35

YouWereRight grin

HeadSpin5 Mon 25-Sep-17 21:15:06

Ooh maternity policy
Benefits entitlement

stoneagemum Mon 25-Sep-17 21:20:10

Maternity, Paternity, Adoption, shared parental & carers leave.
Health & Safety

stoneagemum Mon 25-Sep-17 21:21:11

Oh you already had a couple of those, damn app and not be my able to view the op when replying

MrsMozart Mon 25-Sep-17 21:23:27

Thankee kindly grin

Will see what we can do in the Batty Dress Code... Maybe have to wear armbands if raining (or would that come under the Health and Safety one...?).

MrsMozart Mon 25-Sep-17 21:24:29

stoneage no fret m'duck, all thoughts more than welcome, can reinforce thoughts as well as pop up with new ones grin

BarchesterFlowers Mon 25-Sep-17 21:24:47

Lone worker.

MrsMozart Mon 25-Sep-17 21:27:13

The Social Media one... do other companies really review your use of social media? I know companies tend to have a 'you have no right to expect privacy' for emails.

Invisimamma Mon 25-Sep-17 21:27:49

Smoking / tobacco

Out2pasture Mon 25-Sep-17 21:29:30

communications with police/tv/newpaper
accepting gifts
conflict of interest

Katescurios Mon 25-Sep-17 21:30:14

If you deal with any suppliers you should have a 'modern slavery statement', if you are in education or deal with children/vulnerable adults you may need safeguarding and prevent policies, do you offer staff training/development programmes where you pay for qualifications and would want to be able to reclaim that if the employee levels within a certain timeframe or quits the course?

An idea of the sector you work in would help with suggestions

AlexaAmbidextra Mon 25-Sep-17 21:31:40


Out2pasture Mon 25-Sep-17 21:32:09

food in the workplace
use of communal fridge
flu policy (if we didn't get a jab and prove said jab we were not paid sick leave for flu related illness between November and February!!!)

NoTractorsAtTheTable Mon 25-Sep-17 21:34:25

Data protection, including GPDR.
Information security? That's the first one we get asked about these days, and we're not overly technical or hold a lot of data.

Katescurios Mon 25-Sep-17 21:39:45

Also does your company have any accreditation, ISO awards, contractual client requirements that would drive you policy requirements.

Example would be something like Customer Service Excellence award which needs you to have a complaints policy and procedure.

MrsMozart Mon 25-Sep-17 21:41:53

Thank you kindly folks grin This is going to keep me occupied for a few days!

Kate we're info internet based, with main and minor clients.

The points about GDPR and data securit are pertinent for sure, thank you! Now just have to figure out how to put the nub of that little lot into a short pithy easily read and understood policy...

ClothesMission Mon 25-Sep-17 21:43:00

Social Media is a big one these days.
Basically you can't not say anything on the Internet that could damage the company in any way, can't slag the company or coworkers off on Facebook ect...

KatyaZamolodchikova Mon 25-Sep-17 21:43:32

Modern Slavery?

MrsMozart Mon 25-Sep-17 21:44:57

No accreditation, yet, but good point, ta. Will need to gain ISO(completely forgets the number), but that's bound to need something.

One point of interest - I prep and review tender documents for some clients and you'd be amazed how many bidding companies lose out on points because they've not read the requirements properly and don't provide signed versions of their policies. And there ends my useful bit of info for the day grin

Viviene Mon 25-Sep-17 21:46:08

Intellectual Property

Katescurios Mon 25-Sep-17 21:46:51

Modern slavery act 2015 requires businesses that have a supply chain to publish and review their statement yearly

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