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35 weeks pregnant, family d&v bug has struck

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Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 04:37:57

I'm 35 weeks today, 2/3 children have caught the bug. Poor dd (1) has been hit hardest covering me in vomit at 2am. DH has been hit, man down.
I haven't slept, am having absolutely dreadful cramps. Before dd erupted like a fountain I was starting to wonder if I was going into labour. I'm hoping this doesn't set me off, baby has been consistently transverse and ive already had 3 sections so this baby has to be a section. No idea how that would work if I'm in the middle of a d&v bug.
Don't know why I'm posting really just sat in pain catching dds mid sleep vomits while everyone else tries to sleep it off. Might take some paracetamol see if that helps the stomach cramps.

Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 04:48:23

Bugger. Ds2 just threw up. That's everyone down now

TractorComesFirst Mon 25-Sep-17 04:56:45

Oh no oddsocks that sounds miserable. I'm 28 weeks pregnant with our 2nd dc and I'm up with our toddler ds who has just puked everywhere.
Fingers crossed you escape the bug and baby stays put till everyone is on the mend.

Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 05:05:57

Ah no @Tractor, blimmin kids and their lergies. I hope he gets better soon and you stay healthy.
I don't know if my pain threshold is lowered for some reason but this stomach pain is unbelievable. I always labour with pain in my cervix so I don't think its labour but it's awful!
Dd is now just losing what I think is bile, yellowy liquid.
Hooray for Mondays lol.

sad9999 Mon 25-Sep-17 05:49:53

Poor you no advice but sending hugs with a spaceman outfit on so I don't catch it

Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 07:52:38

Well we all got it. There was a brief time that we thought it might be ambulance time for me but thankfully it passed. I think I'll spend as much time as possible lying down today. The kids however have already bounced back remarkably and have been playing for last few hours. Dd bless her heart even waved her hands in the air and did a little dance after I resurfaced from a half hour nap. Oh I spoke too soon, ds2 is being sick again and ds1 running for toilet.
I don't think in my almost 8 years of parenting that I've experienced anything this bad it's bizarre.

Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 07:53:44

And thank you for the hugs and good wishes.
Hope you've fared better @tractor

NoSquirrels Mon 25-Sep-17 07:57:21

Oh poor you odd - I got norovirus one Christmas when I was about the same stage of pregnancy with DC2. It was the worst I've ever felt. Awful. My sympathies. Rest up - you need looking after.

Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 08:21:48

Thanks @nosquirrels do you remember anything helping you feel better? I must admit I'm feeling rather dramatic right now lol.

Oraiste Mon 25-Sep-17 08:27:35

Sounds awful. Try and keep your liquids up. Hopefully DH can be some help. It may also be worth giving your midwife a call just to check. Otherwise liquids and sleep. Sending hugs. D&V is the pits.

NoSquirrels Mon 25-Sep-17 09:08:40

I wish I could tell you something useful, but I'm afraid not! No magic potion apart from time and rest.

Being so large and physically limited was the worst - impossible to waddle fast enough for the toilet. Grim.

Will your DH be able to have a bit of time off to help? Emergency parental leave? Or nice family who'll look after DC while you rest up? Obviously no one's going to be keen to come & catch it, but when the DC are better?

Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 09:55:41

DH has gone to work! He's a joiner and has some jobs that absolutely have to be done? I think he might be in shock from last night. Hopefully he'll come back. Dd cried for a bottle, which she then projectile vomited onto my face/body. I'm obviously too tired to function as managed to send my mother in law a photo of Dd, then realised my whole right boob complete with huge dark nipple is in it. Today is just not my day.
The boys want glazed donuts!
Feel like I'm on another planet x

GinSolvesEverything Mon 25-Sep-17 10:27:01

I nursed a 2 year old through a d&v bug for two sleepless nights when I was 39 weeks pregnant. Of course I then got it!

Vomming and cramps gave way to labor pains and DD pinged on out later that night. Wasn't the most fun time, but it's a great story now!

Hope your house dries up soon and it's uneventful from here on!

MelvinThePenguin Mon 25-Sep-17 10:33:35

Oh no! I've posted something similar this morning!

I'm not pregnant but 4 month old DD2 and I have a vomiting bug and DD1 had it last weekend.

It is comical but awful! You're not on your own.

Oddly, the cramps and nausea I had last night felt a lot like my labour pains at about 4/5cm dilated.

ladybirdsaredotty Mon 25-Sep-17 10:35:26

Oh god OP, I am so sympathetic. I always say that my worst ever parenting experience (in 6 years) was when we were all similarly ill. Just absolutely dreadful. Me and DP could only crawl, and DDs were 1 and 3, I think. DP also had pneumonia. Utterly, utterly miserable.

I'm 37 weeks with DC3 so I can imagine what it's like for you to some extent. You sound like you're handling it much better than I would!

flowers for you

Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 10:45:50

Ah bless you @gin that's one way to do it! Thank you.
@Melvin it must be doing the rounds. I'm just celebrating each hour we get through lol. I hope you can get some sleep.
Most disappointing is we had a lovely tea last night, I was really looking forward to eating the leftovers lol. And dh bought the glazed donuts baby has been asking for for aaaages. Silver lining though they weren't the Krispy Kreme ones just sainsbury.

Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 10:51:50

Ah bless @ladybirds that must have been terrible! Congratulations on dc3! Dc4 is not impressed at all and has been kicking up quite a fuss which isn't really helping. At scan few days ago he was estimated to already be 7lb so he's got quite a bit of heft behind him. Thank you for flowers x

KarateKitten Mon 25-Sep-17 10:54:18

It's going to be ok. By this evening the first of the sickies will be mostly better. Just wait till tomorrow, you will be on an epic high having survived. It will pass quickly but in the meantime, towels and buckets and live in 15min increments.

TractorComesFirst Mon 25-Sep-17 11:45:27

How are you doing now Odd? Is that your dh home?
Thankfully my ds got an hour of sleep this morning after watching several hundred episodes of Peppa pig for most of the night. I didn't do much more than dooze though so now I'm super tired and sore from lying on the sofa.
DS has just puked again and I'm despairing at all the washing to be done. No where near as awful as it is for you though Odd! sad

Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 12:06:04

@tractor I'm surviving. I've been laid in bed pretty much the whole morning. I can't face eating but I've tried to sip juice. Oof baby is up to no good. Kids have all successfully had a brioche.
DH not home.
Ahh Peppa pig, no idea what parents did with ill children before her.
Ah bums I just went downstairs but totally forgot to put sick wash on.
Can you take ds upstairs so you can lie on bed?

ladybirdsaredotty Mon 25-Sep-17 12:13:18

Thank you odd! And congratulations to you on DC4! Wow, 7lbs already!

Good luck for the rest of the day, the good (ish) thing about vomiting things is at least they tend to go fairly quickly. You're nearly there smile

Oddsocksforeveryone Mon 25-Sep-17 14:21:18

Lol yeah I make chunky bundles.
Well my temp has gone up to 38 that's 100.4 so is that a mild fever?
I've taken some paracetamol, might ring pharmacy.

ladybirdsaredotty Tue 26-Sep-17 09:56:23

Just saw this update, hope you are ok now odd!

Ellendegeneres Tue 26-Sep-17 10:25:35

How are you feeling odd? Is the bug passing the odd household yet?

Oddsocksforeveryone Tue 26-Sep-17 11:25:39

Nobody was sick in the night! Woo! We have all eaten a bit. I've even done some housework. Ds1 who I think started this whole thing and yet wasn't sick even once, just had stomach pain and dodgy tum, is very sprightly. Chattering away and complaining about the lack of meals! Sicky stuff is all washed, new toilet seat has arrived (ordered before this ordeal) kids and I are clean and I'm going to fill the bath with Milton/water and sterilise everything I can. That may be crazy but in my tired and frazzled brain it makes sense.
DH arrived home at 5:30pm, complaining of being ill but he had eaten mini twix, milky ways and donuts during day whilst I'd been at home being vomited on and cleaning up bodily fluids with a fever and cramps and what not so I wasn't particularly sympathetic. I feel bad, a little though.
How is everyone else today?
Thank you for your support yesterday smile

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