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Can I cut my shopping to £70 a week??

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BubblesBubblesBubbles Sun 24-Sep-17 14:42:38

Currently spending around £150 a week on 2 adults and 2 children. I would like to half this. As it seems stupidly high. Dog/cat food is not included. Cleaning and washing products are.

I shop at home bargains, asda, occasionally Tesco, and Lidl.

I seriously need to cut back. I just seem to waste money. I want to get out of my over draft and start some extra savings for the house move and cost of decorating.

One big change I've made is stopping take aways - we now do the m&s £10 meal deal every other Friday (rather than a takeaway every Friday)

My meal planning is a bit lax as I've started working extra hours at work (I know this needs to change)

Any tips/meal ideas?? I am actually a good cook but have limited time on an evening to get food prepared. I do have a slow cooker which I have dug out the cupboard.

Meow34 Sun 24-Sep-17 14:43:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Meow34 Sun 24-Sep-17 14:44:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

amusedbush Sun 24-Sep-17 14:46:43

I shop for DH and I for around £35 a week, including dog food, meat, fresh fruit and veg, etc.

I shop at Tesco. I meal plan every week and I stick to my list - no being tempted by deals and treats! Breakfast is always porridge or eggs, lunch is homemade soup or pasta salad and dinner is some sort of meat and veg/salad. I snack on fruit or yoghurts - whatever ones are on an offer that week.

bec3105 Sun 24-Sep-17 14:47:27

Our shopping bill is £55-£60 a week, two adults, 3 children (17,13 and 11) and 2 cats.

I meal plan every week then make a list of things needed to make those meals. I have my shopping delivered online as makes it easier to keep cost down and stick to the meal plan and list.

DelurkingAJ Sun 24-Sep-17 14:47:52

How many meals are you cooking? It makes a big difference if that's everyone's lunches as well as breakfast and supper.

Do you eat meat each day? We do (so I'm a fine one to talk) but not doing so is cheaper. I will admit to cooking far less meat per person than DH would and padding with vegetables but he doesn't complain (not sure he realise how profligate I think he is 😀).

Do you have all the loyalty cards? I frequently get vouchers from Tescos for £4 off a £40 spend etc.

HolidayTimeAgain Sun 24-Sep-17 14:48:08

Why not post what your usual weeks shopping / meal plan is, then we can make suggestions.

TwitterQueen1 Sun 24-Sep-17 14:49:51

I'm a great believer in repurposing roasts - especially chicken! So I buy a big piece of meat and have a roast with lots of veg. Next day, my favourite would be a pie with the leftovers. And then for day 3 - if there is anything left at this point, I bung everything in a saucepan and make a delicious home-made soup with cheesy garlic bread.

The trick is to do loads of vegetables and sides.

StarfishSeahorse Sun 24-Sep-17 14:50:25

meal planning is your friend.

HailLapin Sun 24-Sep-17 14:51:56

It's definitely doable op. We are two adults and two kids (one a man-sized teen) and spend about £65. We have no pets though.

Meal plan and do an online shop and you'll keep costs down.

overmydeadbody Sun 24-Sep-17 14:52:34

Buy the cheapest version of things. Buy frozen chopped onions rather then fresh.

I buy all my bread reduced from the co op forth the road, which saves a lot as we seem to eat a lot of bread (teenagers!)

GemmaCollinsBabes Sun 24-Sep-17 14:52:45

Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan.
If you're used to takeaways then don't suddenly do away with convenience food because you'll drive yourself mad. The occasional dine in for 10 deal will keep you from slipping.

Cut out snacks and puddings.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 24-Sep-17 14:54:49

Bulk buy basics, huge bags of pasta, rice, teabags, potatoes are pennies in farm shops or morrisons do big sacks they sometimes discount by half.

Set up a mysupermarket account, set price alerts on your favourite branded products & they'll email you when they drop.

Buy big bags of spices in the world food section, very cheap & it's really easy to make fajita spice mix or curry at home.

Look at the girl called Jack blog, I use her recipes for my lunches & they are seriously cheap.

Take advantage of online shop introductory offers, Waitrose will give you £20 off for 5 weeks. Get a loyalty card & pick from a choice of products to get a further 20% off even when they go on offer.

Look at Amazon for pet food, they do huge packs & have further discounts at the moment.

Look at muscle food for meat.

Use own brand cleaning products, usually not tested on animals like the brand names are & effective. Most of my cleaning stuff is sainsbos smart price.

Frouby Sun 24-Sep-17 14:55:15

That seems a lot. What are you cooking? Is a lot of it convenience food?

We spend about £100 a week for 2 adults, dd (13) and ds (almost 4 but eats like a 14 year old).

Our go to meals are spag bol, shepherds pie, stew and dumplings, roast dinner, jacket spuds, thai curry, chinese curry, lasagne, pizza and stuff like chicken nuggets or fishfingers and chips occasionally for the dcs.

It's a lot cheaper to cook than to do ready meals or preprepared food.

We eat really well I think. Fruit bowl is always full, lots of veg or salad, goodie cupboard always got something in. And me and ds are home every lunchtime.

We do have a takeaway on a friday.

Lweji Sun 24-Sep-17 14:57:44

What's on your typical weekly shopping?

IHopeYourCakeIsShit Sun 24-Sep-17 14:57:52

Where else is a good source of meal ideas on the cheap?
I never have a clue what to cook.

QuiteLikely5 Sun 24-Sep-17 15:02:22

A huge sack of potatoes
Large bag of pasta

Sausage, mash & gravy
Mince and tatties
Pasta with any sauce - garlic baguette

Pasta/sweet corn/tuna/mayo

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 24-Sep-17 15:05:28

There's a cook book called the takeaway secret, love it.

You could batch cook a curry. The doner kebab is awesome.

BubblesBubblesBubbles Sun 24-Sep-17 15:07:53

Ok rough meal plan (which I sometimes fudge up)

Sunday : roast dinner (chicken or beef)

Monday : breakfast at childminders me and dh don't often bother

lunchbox for son at preschool (and my lunchbox) finishing left over meat in sandwiches, son has an apple/pear/yog/mini peppers.

Evening meal : sausage and mash with veg and gravey (I don't eat sausage so have veggie ones)

Dh works Nights so he takes a micro rice and either tinned curry/chilli if one isn't in the freezer

Tuesday: breakfast dc at childminders again me and dh normally nothing.

Lunch : ds has a lunchbox as above

Evening meal : chicken pasta bake. With garlic bread.

Dh will take leftovers for his meal this night.

Weds : kids have porridge/cereal. I normally have some with them.

Lunch : ds lunchbox cold pasta bake

Tea : maybe a chilli/curry

Dh takes left overs again.

It's by now I've run out of steam. And end up at Asda for something.

amornin Sun 24-Sep-17 15:09:59

Make a meal plan according to ingredients you have in your cupboard, particularly random ones that need using up. eg. balsamic vinegar you never use (glaze for chicken thighs), old cooking wine (stew), lentils (dhal and rice) etc. You've already spent the money, so this reduces your budget rather than buying brand new ingredients every week.

amornin Sun 24-Sep-17 15:12:47

Also, I know this is lame but I write my shopping list according to the layout of the store (my local, so I know it well!). Cuts down the time I spend in store and stops me browsing the aisles for things I don't need.

Do you buy extras out and about? Or is £150 your supermarket spend? I'm struggling to see how you spend that with the meals you've listed.

Fax Sun 24-Sep-17 15:12:51

That doesn't seem too extravagant. I can't see where £150 goes? There must be a lot of cleaning products grin.
I spend less than that for four adults including lots of wine.

MehMehAndMeh Sun 24-Sep-17 15:15:31

Keep a couple of shopping receipts and go through them.

Work out what you use most of and why?
Are you using frozen chips when a sack of spuds would taste better and take the same amount of time etc. What are you wasting? What do you not account for and end up running to the more expensive corner shop for? Can you meal plan or at least have a flexible meal plane where you have enough ingredients in to make 3-4 different meals out of the items available for that day?

Work out your non negotiable brand name keeps and what you can subsitute for a cheaper brand.

I have 3 adults and 3 children and 2 dogs and a cat. Cat food costs me £32 per month because she is picky but I save by buying her favourite brand in bulk.
Dog food costs me £55 per month because they need gluten free products and one has to have a mix of fresh and dried food. I save by getting them cheaper from a local livery rather than Pets at Home. Some liverys do have their own pet feed stores (which can be huge and carry many brands). The same brand can be more than £5 cheaper. Same can be said of shopping for pet food online.

Shopping for that amount of people costs on average £90 per week with cleaning and washing products included.

Want2bSupermum Sun 24-Sep-17 15:23:22

Meal plan and simplify your meals. DH drives me crazy with elaborate meals with too many ingredients which drives up the cost of the weekly shop.

Lweji Sun 24-Sep-17 15:24:03

But, what is your shopping list?
A meal plan is a poor indicator of where you waste your money on.

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