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What size is a tablespoon.

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MrKaplan Sun 24-Sep-17 09:49:05

In my drawer, I have tea spoons and table spoons.. or so I thought.
Apparently what I have is tea spoons and dessert spoons
A table spoon is some weird ass giant serving spoon implement I do not possess.

This explains a LOT of unsatisfactory cakes.
Does everyone else own one of these 'tablespoons' that is not part of a standard cutlery set?
How did I get to this age not knowing the name of a basic item of cutlery.

cookielove Sun 24-Sep-17 09:49:46

Do you not have a set of measuring spoons?

rebelnotaslave Sun 24-Sep-17 09:49:52

A tablespoon is 14.8ml/g

Meow34 Sun 24-Sep-17 09:51:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TizzyDongue Sun 24-Sep-17 09:51:03

Table spoon = 15g (three teaspoons)

That's levelled not heaped!

Rainybo Sun 24-Sep-17 09:51:37

This made me smile - you would probably be best off getting a set of measuring spoons. They are really cheap in Wilkos. Then you’ll be able to measure half tablespoons too!

If it’s any consolation I did the same thing with cutlery, it’s only now DD is so into baking that I realise what I’ve been doing wrong all these years!

Fekko Sun 24-Sep-17 09:53:05

What do you use when you have a bowl of peas on the table? A soup spoon is just not big enough.

TizzyDongue Sun 24-Sep-17 09:53:32

You can get a set of measure cups in loads of places. Don't cost a lot

MrKaplan Sun 24-Sep-17 09:54:43

To add to the my not inconsiderable confusion, my measuring spoons say a tablespoon is 20ml ....
And that a half tablespoon is 7.5ml. Wtf.

insancerre Sun 24-Sep-17 09:54:46


GemmaCollinsBabes Sun 24-Sep-17 09:54:57

You can get great sets of Jane Asher measuring spoons (actually it is a set of measuring spoons and cups) in Poundland.

Using a dessert spoon in baking will be totally inaccurate.

Fekko Sun 24-Sep-17 09:56:03

Don't get me started on cups. Wtf is a 'scant' cupful anyway?

GemmaCollinsBabes Sun 24-Sep-17 09:56:24

Also American and British tablespoons are different!

MrKaplan Sun 24-Sep-17 09:58:17

I use a serving spoon to serve up peas, bolgnese etc but those are massive. Surely that's not a tablespoon?

Fekko Sun 24-Sep-17 09:59:12

That's what I use. They are probably about the same size.

PaperdollCartoon Sun 24-Sep-17 09:59:55

A scant cupful is basically just full, rather than heaped.

Get yourself some measuring spoons.
Worth noting that UK cups and US cups are not the same.

MrKaplan Sun 24-Sep-17 10:01:53

So I have to understand the location of the recipe author before I know what size spoon. Jhfc.
Another reason to skip US recipe sites as the whole cup and fluid oz thing drives me berserk.

AnUtterIdiot Sun 24-Sep-17 10:11:28

Tablespoon = dessertspoon plus teaspoon or 3 teaspoons.

One tablespoon = 15ml. That's what I was taught and that's what I believe.

AnUtterIdiot Sun 24-Sep-17 10:12:10

I used to be v snotty about cup/spoon recipes but actually it is a lot less faff than weighing ingredients out once you get the hang of it. I wouldn't use it for bread making though.

MrKaplan Sun 24-Sep-17 10:13:50

Ive now measured all my spoons.

My teaspoons would appear to be about 6ml. Dessert spoons about 10.
What I refer to as a serving spoon is about 30ml. I use it for cooking. It's massive, close to ladle size.

I did however find a random spoon someone left after a 'bring a plate' BBQ and that appears to be either 15 or 20 depending on how steady my hand is.

And my measuring spoons are using BOTH US and UK measurements (as mentioned above).
Probably because I'm in Au and they just couldn't bother to decide which standard to use.

Yes I will get more measuring spoons that are actually consistent with each other next weekend.

Howlandbreathe Sun 24-Sep-17 10:15:49

Maybe just stick to buying cakes grin

DragonBone Sun 24-Sep-17 10:16:15

If it's too big to go in your mouth then it's a serving spoon 😆

MrKaplan Sun 24-Sep-17 10:17:44

Yeah, that is probably the best option howl.
But I feel the need to, just once, make a cake that is better than a Betty Crockers box mix.

OrangeFluff Sun 24-Sep-17 10:21:41

I have several sets of cutlery and the spoon sizes all vary between sets. They wouldn't be accurate. My baking has vastly improved now I use proper measuring spoons.

Dontfuckingsaycheese Sun 24-Sep-17 10:24:08

I bought sone measuring spoons from Asda. The teaspoon is 4ml confused I'm trying to lose weight so I suppose it's on my side 🙂

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