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They've ruined Peter Rabbit 😯

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NikiBabe Sat 23-Sep-17 13:56:49

Trailer just got released.

He's an obnoxious American style frat boy instead of the Peter we all know and love.

What a shit show. Will give it a miss.

Howlandbreathe Sat 23-Sep-17 14:01:05

Agree. James bloody cordon... why ?

Snowdog37 Sat 23-Sep-17 14:03:58

I’m having a peter rabbit theme for my little boys bedroom due in March. I saw the trailer and it looks f’ing awful. I’ll stick with the gentle classy beautiful Beatrix Potter version. I can’t believe they’re ruining such a lovely character.

DearMrDilkington Sat 23-Sep-17 14:07:49

I agree. James cordon is an awful choice, it could have been a lovely nostalgic film, instead it looks cheap and nasty.

Shame really.

Micaela64 Sat 23-Sep-17 16:12:37

Brave move by Sony to re imagine Peter Rabbit as a cunt.

NikiBabe Sat 23-Sep-17 16:17:21

Brave move by Sony to re imagine Peter Rabbit as a cunt.


SissySpacekAteMyHamster Sat 23-Sep-17 16:19:39

James bastard Cordon .... enough said

Maudlinmaud Sat 23-Sep-17 16:22:22

Big fan of Potter here, so yes I will see it. I think it looks fine, OK it's not the classic tale it once was but what's wrong with that?

Squeegle Sat 23-Sep-17 16:32:57

Looks great, but it ain't peter rabbit!

Micaela64 Sat 23-Sep-17 16:46:11

That's the thing, she painted in delicate water colours, the stories were gentle and the writing was beautiful... this is vile, but the real sadness is children are now so used to dumbed-down vulgarity and cruelty. Why did he have to hurt the birds at the start?

Micaela64 Sat 23-Sep-17 16:59:22

Children deserve better.

scaryclown Sat 23-Sep-17 17:10:13

The fox should have eaten him.

NikiBabe Sat 23-Sep-17 17:10:25

My issue is presumably they've made this more attractive supposedly for adults, with in jokes and more adult themes.

But do they have to do that with everything?

Snowdog37 Sat 23-Sep-17 17:36:52

I feel like they think children don’t deserve high quality entertainment any more. The more obnoxious, violent and vulgar the better. It’s awful.

Daisy17 Sat 23-Sep-17 17:43:41

Erm.....a lot of Beatrix Potter stories are hardly gentle!! But totally agree about the film. And indeed the TV series.

Maudlinmaud Sat 23-Sep-17 17:50:21

Kids can be quite scared of some characters, Mr McGregor anyone? He ate Peters father in a pie and it's touch and go for little Peter for half the story. This version isn't twee and I'm not fussed on cordon, he absolutely destroyed the Gruffalo for me, but that pig scene in the trailer was funny. Just to see the context I'll watch.

MissBabbs Sat 23-Sep-17 17:56:40

Looks quite funny to me.
DN watches PR daily - basically every story is the same, with a little variation. You couldn't make a long film from that I don't think.
Well James Corden is ok, a bit older than expected for Peter.

xMeowx Sat 23-Sep-17 17:57:59

Ok.... I was cringing up until the screaming pig part, then I just laughed.

Hate Cordon's voice though. Should have chosen someone else. But I guess the producers need to cash in now that cordon is currently high profile.

Josiah Sat 23-Sep-17 18:05:27

I had to turn the trailer off as it was just a bombardment of noise.

James Corden is an over rated idiot.

Aside from that the visual look of the characters is a good modern adaptation. The enough voices and obnoxious characterisations are dreadful.

Who owns the estate of Beatrix Potter or the rights to her books and characters? They've completely sold her out.

This is a horrible adaptation.

heyday Sat 23-Sep-17 18:08:40

This is why we voted for Brexit, so we can claim our country and our Peter Rabbit back

Josiah Sat 23-Sep-17 18:09:01

As a child my mother and I adored this film adaptation

Josiah Sat 23-Sep-17 18:12:35

Perhaps modern day children want brash and uncouth films but as a child in 1971 I was utterly enthralled by Peter Rabbit here -

redexpat Sat 23-Sep-17 18:19:28

Omg josiah Id forgotten about the ballet! I used to watch it again and again on video.

I think Cordon has become a national treasure in the usa so the film will do well there. I dont like the look of it at all.

Josiah Sat 23-Sep-17 18:28:58

Potter left almost all the original illustrations for her books to the National Trust. The copyright to her stories and merchandise was then given to her publisher Frederick Warne & Co, now a division of the Penguin Group. On 1 January 2014, the copyright expired in the UK and other countries with a 70-years-after-death limit.

Josiah Sat 23-Sep-17 18:30:24

Why is Cordon so popular? I admit I've not really seen him in anything but from clips in the media he seems to be an unfunny buffoon.

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