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Help me fall in love with reading again!

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WomanEmpire Fri 22-Sep-17 21:40:13

Used to be an avid reader but after the birth of my first I've only read one book, start to finish. I feel really shit about it! (This was 4 years ago)

I have a budget of £50 and really want to treat myself. I love a lot of different genres but I want something quite gritty, that I can't put down.

I'm watching far too much TV.
My mum bought me Apple Tree Yard a while ago, I haven't touched it, is it any good?

Suggestions please!

NancyDonahue Fri 22-Sep-17 22:05:22

Yes it's a really good book. Also have a look at authors like Diane Chamberlain, Liane Moriarty and Kate Morton and Rachel Hore. All are easy reads with interesting characters that you get into really quickly.

Mulch Fri 22-Sep-17 22:15:52

Michelle paver dark matter

BulletFox Fri 22-Sep-17 22:24:42

I could PM you the grittiest book I've ever read - it's so well written, found it fascinating. I'd feel shy putting it on a public forum as part of it is amnesia which I have.

Feckinlego Fri 22-Sep-17 22:29:57

Ooh bulletfox I'd love to know your recommendation! Op, I'd recommend B.A Paris books to start, gripping psychological thrillers but very very simple to read. The short chapters will suit fitting in family time, and the plots are easy enough to follow that you won't forget. Sorry, don't mean to patronise, I'm just remembering how I felt at that stage!

MargotMoon Fri 22-Sep-17 22:44:19

@BulletFox Please share! I'm intrigued...

bakingcupcakes Fri 22-Sep-17 22:44:57

My favourites are Lesley Pearce especially Never Look Back but I own them all. They're kind of romanic/historical. And Kelley Armstrong the Otherworld series. It starts with Broken and they're supernatural. They've both written things I can't put down.

annandale Fri 22-Sep-17 22:45:43

The Goldfinch. It gets mixed reviews but I thought it was proper gripping.

MargotMoon Fri 22-Sep-17 22:49:08

Second for BA Paris - Behind Closed Doors is good. Also Gone Without a Trace - Mary Torjussen.

MingeFog Fri 22-Sep-17 22:54:55

A book that I found very gritty, non-put-downable, was Shawnie, by Matt Stephens. I do have to warn you that this book was written by a guy who was a social worker with disadvantaged families in Bristol, and there is some sexual abuse of a minor in the book. "Shawnie" has below average IQ and comes from a difficult background. The author writes each chapter from a different character's point of view (as GRRM with Game of Thrones), and in their individual "voices"; e.g. Shawnie herself; her brother, Jason; her mother, her stepfather...

I couldn't put it down. Shawnie's story is one that really stuck with me - it's dark and disturbing, and somewhat uplifting at the same time.

chocolateworshipper Fri 22-Sep-17 22:55:24

You could start with a book of short stories if you think that could be an easy way to get back into reading?

TizzyDongue Fri 22-Sep-17 22:57:59

I dont always read current book so there's a good few I've read recent that date back a while. But in The last few months ive really enjoyed (rated 5*) amongst those I've not so enjoyed.

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg
Unravelling Oliver by Liz Nugent
The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

I've read Apple Tree Yard - it's ok, I liked it. Not hugely gritty but not the worst.

MingeFog Fri 22-Sep-17 23:00:13

@ Tizzy did you see the Fried Green Tomatoes film? I know there are book elements which were kept out of the film (not mentioning here so as to avoid spoilers, but) - it's one of my favourite films! Plus, Kathy Bates!!!

TizzyDongue Fri 22-Sep-17 23:05:31

Not for a long time. Loved it though and really want to rewatch it.

bromleylass Fri 22-Sep-17 23:09:23

Behind Closed Doors was one of the worst books I've ever read! I thought it was utter drivel.

I thought The Goldfinch was brilliant. And a recent very easy but compelling read was One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis.

PaperdollCartoon Fri 22-Sep-17 23:12:56

I second all of Liane Moriarty's books. Easy to read so good for getting you back in the swing, but well written page turners.

Highly recommend Life After Life by Kate Atkinson, I couldn't put it down. First time worry for a book character has ever kept me awake at night.

WomanEmpire Fri 22-Sep-17 23:13:50

Thank you! Making a note of all of these. They'd better have them in stock grin

buckeejit Fri 22-Sep-17 23:27:26

I read a lot & highly recommend 'Eleanor & park'. Quite quick & a great book-really stirs feelings. I loved the goldfinch but recommend audiobooks as a way to absorb books while doing other stuff. And the goldfinch is massive so too heavy for me to lug around, (which is why I got into audiobooks to begin with)

The was a mumsnet offer for audible recently, not sure if it's still going on

BananasAreGood Fri 22-Sep-17 23:33:20

I race through Sophie Hannah. Her books are not literary but they're engrossing and quite quick reads. They're thrillers but completely mental and convoluted. I like to pick one up whenever I've been going through a difficult book phase (I was ploughing through the same incredibly turgid classic for about a month and needed something zippy to get my reading mojo back).

SanJunipero Sat 23-Sep-17 09:43:18

I loved Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel - completely gripping and very well written. I've given it to several people as a gift since I read it!

wrenika Sat 23-Sep-17 10:19:41

Please ignore if this isn't of interest to you, but I was in the same position. I used to read avidly and somehow ended up stopping and never getting started again, despite loving stories.
I bought a kindle, and truthfully, it has got me back into reading in a major way. I really didn't think it would - I had major buyers remorse immediately after getting it - but once I got used to it, I found I was devouring books. I've been keeping track of my reading this year, and I've read 161 books so far. And it's down to the kindle. Goodness knows why it made the difference - possibly the fact that I can carry my library around with me and be reading multiple books at once, all in my bag in the form of the kindle. It's by my side all the time, along with my phone! It really made a difference to me.
Sorry I can't advise on books. I hope you find something to entice you!

Ojoj1974 Sat 23-Sep-17 10:59:20

I have just finished 'The Keeper of Lost Things'- brilliant book

FineOldCriminals Sat 23-Sep-17 11:01:17

Kill Club - David Jack Smith: gripping, twisty, belieavable and brilliant!

CJCreggsGoldfish Sat 23-Sep-17 11:06:02

I stopped reading after DD was born, what got me back into was reading an old favourite, and then something quite easy. I think I just needed to get back in the habit. I also make a specific time for my reading, I don't get to do it every day, but I do make a conscious decision to put my damn phone down and pick up a book.

MrsFrisbyMouse Sat 23-Sep-17 11:06:15

If you buy them on Amazon you can go for the used books section, and pick up so. E real bargains for cost of postage only. £2.80)-you'd get a lot of books for your money that way!!

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