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To worry my child will be like me?

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FluffyFlowerFace Fri 22-Sep-17 20:22:59

Don't get me wrong I have some good points but overall I'm a pretty ineffective adult! I'm lazy and highly strung. I bottle things up things up then have huge breakdowns. I'm unforgiving. I overthink everything I'm obsessive and too private. How do I stop my child being like me?

FluffyFlowerFace Fri 22-Sep-17 20:43:56


whiteroseredrose Fri 22-Sep-17 20:51:01

They might be! DS is completely different to me but DD is turning out to be a chip off the old block.

My job is to try and help her cope better than me!

Panicattheschoolgate Fri 22-Sep-17 20:52:35

Just love them anyway. Genetics will be but nurture good behaviour and a strong will and they will be fine x

Bourbonbiccies Fri 22-Sep-17 21:04:26

I had this... felt pretty low about myself and really worried that my children would be like me. I made a very deliberate decision to raise them as differently to how I'd been raised as possible. The irony is that my own mother has commented on how amazing my kids are and what a good job I do raising them.
A lot of who I am came from how I was raised. OP if you dislike yourself then you can change. It's hard to dismantle that core but it can be deserve to love yourself

FluffyFlowerFace Fri 22-Sep-17 21:45:37

I just hope he or she is like my DH.

BulletFox Fri 22-Sep-17 21:48:36

No-one's perfect. I remember a quote that you have to think like a hero in order to act like a decent human being, which you are doing.

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