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Is there anywhere you can buy a genuine football kit cheaper?

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MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Thu 21-Sep-17 20:34:59

DS really wants a football kit for Christmas, it's the only expensive thing he is asking for, other stuff is small stuff but as we are going on an expensive holiday next year, DCs know we are spending less on Christmas and they are having the money for holiday spending money. I pointed this out to DS but he said it's ok because he can ask Father Christmas for that as we aren't spending much. Arrrgghhh!

I've priced up shirt, shorts and socks on Sports Direct and it's bloody £70!

Is there anywhere that sells genuine kits cheaper? Tbh the shirt price doesn't bother me as much, it's £19 for a pair of shorts and £11 for a pair of socks that pisses me off.

AlexanderHamilton Thu 21-Sep-17 20:37:36

Sports Direct will he cheapest unless you go for last seasons.

We always made it clear to our kids that father Xmas just delivered. It was parents who actually paid.

MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Thu 21-Sep-17 22:10:15

Damn, too late for us to say that now. I've already told DD he doesn't bring animals as we lost out pet last week and she wants for from Father Christmas, an easy dodge there!

Last seasons shorts are slightly cheaper and the only difference is a red stripe so could go with that. I just worry about DS's lovely friends taking the mick out of him for not quite having the right stuff. I often didn't at a young age due to growing up with GPs who were very old fashioned and kids can be nasty at times.

AlexanderHamilton Thu 21-Sep-17 22:13:08

Are the socks necessary?

ineedamoreadultieradult Thu 21-Sep-17 22:16:16

How old is he? My kids have always had either last season's kit or even older kit from charity shops or knock off kits from eBay and they have always been quite happy and not had the mick taken by their friends.

Invisimamma Thu 21-Sep-17 22:17:45

eBay, if you are willing to go for last season. I usually pay around £15 for a full kit age 7-8 Real Madrid & Barcelona.

Although I can't get our smaller local team strip on eBay - that'll be £70 for the kit 😐

MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Thu 21-Sep-17 22:34:48

He didn't actually ask for the socks and said he could wear his usual football ones, except they are navy and the kit is red and white and navy socks would look daft. May see if I can get plain red socks.

He's nearly 10. I'm not sure if his friends would be that kind tbh. He has 2 best friends but they aren't always nice to him and always have the latest football kits. I could have a look at kits with him and see what he thinks about last season's. I have had a look at ebay and the whole knock off thing but I'd be wary about how bad or obvious it would be.m

ineedamoreadultieradult Thu 21-Sep-17 22:41:39

Does it have to be of a particular team, you can get cheap kits for some of the more obscure European teams quite cheaply and his friends are unlikely to know what their current kits are like.

Belindaboom Thu 21-Sep-17 22:44:12

The socks don't need to be on brand surely?

MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Thu 21-Sep-17 22:54:00

It's definitely a particular team, in the Premier League, that his best friend also supports and always has the kits.

No the socks don't need to be branded, I can look for cheaper, plain ones (didn't even think of that, doh). It's a shame though as the proper socks looks really cool, they have a cool, gradual colour effect. Just stupid bloody prices.

Belindaboom Thu 21-Sep-17 22:56:06

What's the team?

goingslightlycrazy Thu 21-Sep-17 23:01:54

Tbh after years of being a bit short of cash I've decided that it's a total waste of money buying them the wrong thing. Then no-ones happy.

Better to buy what you can manage & then add to the kit once you've/they've saved/got Xmas or bday money/you see a deal x

Freshprincess Thu 21-Sep-17 23:07:55

By age 10 they will all know if they aren't the right shorts and socks.
They may go a little cheaper by Christmas. They've only just been released so are top price at the moment. Sports direct is usually pretty good, or you're local to the team, the club shop.

MrsBossyPants Thu 21-Sep-17 23:11:17

My 14yr old has had about 5 ManU (plus Arsenal, ManCity, FCB, PSG) kits for £9 from China (DH gets them when he’s on business) and no one has ever even mentioned it. He is very brand conscious but thinks that £70+ is ridiculous for new strip. His mates all wear different kits (away, Home, last season, different clubs, Euro clubs), I don’t think anyone really would notice small differences. And if anyone said anything my DS would tell them the truth smile

To be honest the only thing that all of the boys pick up on is the footie boots. My DS’s are usually £30-40 from Sports Direct. I don’t mind paying for those since they’re at least protecting his feet!

ineedamoreadultieradult Thu 21-Sep-17 23:14:17

At nearly 10 does he actually still believe in Santa? my 7 and 10 year old don't and therefore they grt told if they ask for something expensive it leaves less money for other presents then given the choice to get their expensive gift and only a few other bits and bobs or get more bits and no expensive presents. Kids need to learn there is only so much money so choices/compromises need to be made.

Butterymuffin Thu 21-Sep-17 23:19:14

Try this site? I should stress I haven't bought from them, just saw this on Twitter. They claim to be cheaper than shops.

Threenme Thu 21-Sep-17 23:23:41

If he hasn't asked for a lot and you can afford it just get the kit! You're right Kids Thad age are cruel and you'll save about £6 on cheaper socks in the swing of life it won't make or break you

Trebormints74 Fri 22-Sep-17 08:04:07

Why don't you buy the shirt and get different family members to buy other bits- say grandparents get the shorts, aunty the socks etc. That way he gets the right kit and you haven't spent £70.

monkeyfacegrace Fri 22-Sep-17 08:18:51

I hear you re the bloody cost.

Ds (8) is footy mad, and has every single strip every season. That's goalie, home, away, and this season they did a limited edition 3rd kit that I had to queue up for 2 HOURS to buy ffs.

But, it makes him SO happy. In the grand scheme of things, if you can actually afford it, think how amazing Christmas would be if he got the whole, proper kit. And yes, 10 year olds will know if the kit is wrong sad

I've sometimes put the shirt under the tree, some shorts stuffed into those make your own baubles on the tree (when he was smaller), and the socks in his stocking. Dragged it out and he thought it was hilarious grin

Temporaryanonymity Fri 22-Sep-17 08:25:23

Our local PL team had socks last year that were the same as the branded socks sold by the manufacturer. I was going to buy the non team ones for around £6 instead of £11.

In tbe end though my clever son realised that the training kit was a much better bet for winter use, so we bought the ttacksuit instead which doesnt require socks. A much better buy, he wore the bottoms to death. They don't fit now but still OK for this brother to wear.

Oblomov17 Fri 22-Sep-17 08:29:50

I am with you. Ds's beg for Spurs kits from Sports Direct. The ones from abroad are often a poor quality and look ever so slightly different they are a poor replica,some of them. 10,11,12 year olds can tell!!

MyPatronusIsAUnicorn Sat 23-Sep-17 22:01:38

Wow monkey I wouldn't even like to guess what all that would cost!

Yes he does still believe in FC, I thought last year may be our last year but looks like it will be this year.

The team is Arsenal. Being an Arsenal fan myself while DH supports another team, I'm very happy DS supports 'my' team 😊.

You are right. We will have a bit more money as I'm earning now (very small amount but better than nothing) and everything else is small, £1.50 cars and a couple of small lego sets and 1 book. Usually he has a massive, expensive list so I'm surprised this year. We should just get it. He will be unbelievably happy (but FC is NOT getting the credit, made that mistake with the mega Lego set one year). We had a look today and at first he said he doesn't care if it's last season's until we saw it and it isn't as nice, even I agree. And now he has decided he wants the away kit and the socks are quite a specific colour. It's actually a lovely colour kit.

Good idea about farming out bits to family but we've asked for money this year for their holiday spending money instead, family don't mind and DCs will want money abroad.

I know a you mean about the boots! It's all about the coolest ones, branded and usually affliated with Messi or Ronaldo. Luckily they aren't too expensive in Sports Direct.

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