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Spiders in bathtub

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BulletFox Thu 21-Sep-17 00:09:33

How on earth do they GET there? By the plug...?

I rescued one last week, it looked frail, then there were 2 inky black bristly things today and I showed no mercy

Nettletheelf Thu 21-Sep-17 01:27:07

They like being near moisture (i.e. the plughole). I suspect they abseil in through the window. Bastards. Also explains their fondness for showers.

I haven't seen any for a bit, which made me suspicious in peak spider month (thought they were planning a spider riot) but found a massive specimen of the skinny 'spider cannibal' type on the outside of the front door today. It all becomes clear. The spider cannibal is eating them before they can scuttle under the door.

Fluffypinkpyjamas Thu 21-Sep-17 01:35:13

No idea but I make them little toilet paper ladders to climb out on.

EBearhug Thu 21-Sep-17 01:56:40

I don't know, but I wish the 7-legged one that seems to want to inhabit my bath would listen every time I rescue him. He will end up getting drowned one of these days. I've removed him at least 3 times since I got home at the weekend.

BulletFox Thu 21-Sep-17 02:03:25

Aw that's quite sweet EBearHug - I do generally try to scoop and release despite arachnophobia but I was a little freaked out by the two bristly black ones today and just put the taps on.

Still don't quite understand how they get into the bath.

EBearhug Thu 21-Sep-17 02:21:34

I think they probably fall in - mine''s next to the window.

AllToadsLeadToHome Thu 21-Sep-17 02:33:32

I found one in the pile of face flannels yesterday. We don't have a window.

Where there are windows, in the ensuite they are blocked with netting to keep bugs out and cats in, that is where we find the really BIG ones. I took one out of the clean washing that had been living in the ensuite and popped him into the garage the other day, 2 days later he turned up in the living room, it had to be the same one, he was the size of my hand.

I never kill a spider intentionally and check the bath before I run water otherwise I end up in a panic trying to remove random bits of fluff in case I drown one.

ladybird69 Thu 21-Sep-17 03:50:14

I've just been cuddling cat in bed, something above my head caught her eye and when I looked up there was a big old hairy spider hanging about 5cms above my head🙄 Just a gentle nudge and he's back up on the ceiling safe now.

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