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Gym help!

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Mummyoftwo91 Wed 20-Sep-17 12:51:09

I just joined the gym about a month ago, need to loose a stone or two, I have no idea if what I'm doing is right! I do about 30/40 mins on the cross trainer (easy on my fucked up knee) then I'm doing about 30 mins of weights focusing on legs one day, core, upper body ect. I've been going about 3x a week and just don't feel like I'm loosing weight or making any difference!

redthunder123 Wed 20-Sep-17 13:03:37

Hiiii there

I hate the cross trainer just because it takes so long to have an effect.

The best fat burn for me is the treadmill- don't worry no running required - unless you want to.

basically either use the fatburn mode and set It to high and follow that for about 25 min or just manual and turn up the incline to high for 5min then down to normal walk for 5 min and repeat 3 times- total of 30 min. maybe try 20 for your first time if your knee is an issue.

I normally keep the pace at about 5-5.5 .

You will increase your fitness massively from this nd your legs and bum will see a difference. It 'lifts' my bum if im consistent with it.

With lifting weights, if you use higher weights and lower reps you will feel/see a bigger difference. Especially for fat burn.

You could do 100 reps of tiny weights but not break a sweat but pushing yourself to lift heavier on a smaller amount of reps will defo get you feeling the burn and seeing results.

do you have instagram? there are so many great pages and people to follow who show you great exercises on there in videos.

If you have a smart phone but no account I would defo download it even if you don't put your real name or upload photos just to follow fitness pages its great (that's what I do). I can suggest a few if you like.

Obviously diet is the main key when loosing weight , what do you tend to eat day to day.

I didn't realise how much I ate until I wrote down my food then started using my fitness pal. When I loose weight I don't focus on calories majorly I mainly count protein. Im not bulky at all some people assume protein and weight lifting= bulky bold builder which is so not true.

redthunder123 Wed 20-Sep-17 13:05:45

apologies for the horrific grammar , spelling and non punctuation trying to cram down a tray of sushi and type during a 15 min lunch break is tough work

Mummyoftwo91 Wed 20-Sep-17 13:55:44

Thank you! I've had a look on Instagram which is where I get ideas on what to do with weights! But cardio is where I struggle, thanks for the treadmill tip!

I'm vegetarian and eat quite healthily usually Greek yogurt, nuts and honey for breakfast or scrambled eggs and brown toast, lunch is usually a protein shake and fruit or roast veg quinoa which I batch cook, for dinner it's mostly veg and carbs I don't eat any processed food at all, I know to loose weight I need to up my cardio as I can't cut back much on my diet it's already pretty healthy

redthunder123 Wed 20-Sep-17 14:05:56

Your diet sounds fine to be honest I would focus on protein heavy foods where you can. I would definitely download my fitness pal just so you can track any slip ups or naughty treats to see how often they happen. Or to make sure your eating enough!

Try the treadmill routine when I say set the incline to high I would say max I think at pure gym its like 10? also don't hold on to the sides your balancing your weight and pulling yourself so its less effective. if you feel unbalanced hold your hands together in the centre of your body (like under the boobs) and it should help. I used to be terrified id fall over.

Free weights are really good like dumbbells I use them at home a lot for quick workouts. Not massively heavy just enough to get a bit of a sweat on.

Also I take green tea capsuels which you can get for about 3-4 pound for 60 on ebay. I take after food defo works. green tea tastes vile for me and the tablets are stronger and effective.








Mummyoftwo91 Wed 20-Sep-17 14:08:39

Thank you so much!

redthunder123 Wed 20-Sep-17 16:03:56

No worries smile

let me know how you get on with it and what you think x

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