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Has anyone got a horrible flu lurghi type thing?

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derxa Wed 20-Sep-17 09:34:57

Had it for a week. Spent the weekend in bed which is very unusual for me.

Phosphorus Wed 20-Sep-17 09:39:02

Poor you.

Still, console yourself that you have the lurghi, as opposed to the more common lurgi.

Much more exotic. Almost akin to man flu. grin

Flu is horrific though, so if that's what you have, you have my sympathy.

cjt110 Wed 20-Sep-17 09:39:55

I had something like it about a month ago. Was bedbound for a few days.

eeyoredebbie Wed 20-Sep-17 09:41:24

Last year I had the flu jab free at GP (due to high BMI). I didn't even catch a cold although I do work from home so that could be a factor.

Now i've lost over 11 stone I don't qualify so I've paid to have one at Boots for Β£12.99. I really recommend it.

eeyoredebbie Wed 20-Sep-17 09:42:31

I really recommend checking if you qualify for a free injection

derxa Wed 20-Sep-17 09:51:07

Still, console yourself that you have the lurghi, as opposed to the more common lurgi. yes I must have the Italian version grin
I've got to be able to stand up straight in the selling ring to sell my sheep tomorrow. We've all got it. Ds and my shepherdess.

yantantethermetherpimp Wed 20-Sep-17 09:55:14

I have! Spiking temperature, feel like shit, vomited yesterday, nausea, can barely eat. Luckily for me no-one else in the family is affected.

Hope you get better soon πŸ’

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 20-Sep-17 09:55:31

We've all had the cold in my house but DS's friend and his siblings have had something similar to you I think. Friend tried to come back to school after a week as he thought he felt better and ended up having to go home and was ill again for another couple of days. Seems like a horrible thing. Hope you feel better soon OP.

upperlimit Wed 20-Sep-17 09:56:21

Urgh, I have the flu jab on Saturday and I have a cold I need to shift before then. I better not get this lurgi shit between now and then. I'm going to go into hermit mode.

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 20-Sep-17 09:56:55

Oh, and well done eeyore that's amazing! you must feel brilliant now that you aren't carrying about a en extra person!

ticklady Wed 20-Sep-17 09:58:00

Apparently due to the recent meteor shower a lot of iron is in the air and it causes flu like tiredness/ stomach pains etc.
So they say hmmconfused ???

Or its just flu😁

WaxOnFeckOff Wed 20-Sep-17 09:58:01

Hope you feel better soon too yantante

DaisysStew Wed 20-Sep-17 09:58:43

I've been a bit stuffy for a week but it's hit me like a train today. I'm lay on the sofa trying to muster the energy to make a brew and go upstairs to bed. And worse of all I'm all alone so no one to give me sympathy and snacks 😭

x2boys Wed 20-Sep-17 10:23:52

I have a sick bug thing as has ds2 and dh the actual sickness only lasted a few hrs but the stomach ache/shabby pains have lasted a few days ds2 had only been back to school there days after a long long summer when he got it😫

x2boys Wed 20-Sep-17 10:24:32

Three days*

Acornantics Wed 20-Sep-17 10:31:48

Joining you, budge up...started with fever, nausea and high temp on Friday and apart from to crawl to the loo, change pyjamas every hour due to sweating and trip to GP on Monday, have been in bed. Today have ventured downstairs to sofa for first time.

Doc reckons it's flu and a bacterial chest infection so am on antibiotics. So nauseous and rattly, coughing like a pro, temp regularly peaking at 39. I've never felt such pain and discomfort. And soooo tired it's not even funny.

Started new job two montha ago and already off sick...greathmm.

DH is being a star, very thankful to him. Hope you're all feeling better soon.

Never had a flu vaccine. I will be getting one as soon as I'm able to do so.

SunSeptember Wed 20-Sep-17 10:36:01

Yes not quite bed ridden with it but it was awful, taken three weeks to get rid of it

Farahilda Wed 20-Sep-17 10:38:04

DH might have it. He's leaving work early (very unlike him) because he's feeling rotten and wants to go back to bed.

SquareWord Wed 20-Sep-17 10:42:25

My parents who are normally very fit and healthy have been knocked for six by a flu type thing for the last three weeks. I have never known my dad go to bed poorly but he has not had the strength to stand with this. sad It really is nasty. Hope you feel better soon OP.

derxa Wed 20-Sep-17 10:45:17

Gosh more people in misery. There's the hot and cold phase then the laid flat out phase then the coughing phase next the feeling weak but slightly better phase. Only compensation seems to be a complete loss of appetite. Acorn that sounds very rough.
Get well soon all of you.

Acornantics Wed 20-Sep-17 11:57:11

I'm healthy and fit, no underlying complications and haven't taken time off work for sickess in the past 10 years, apart from one bout of tonsillitis.

This has absolutely floored me, I mop your fevery brows and sit shivering in solidarity with you all.

bowtieandheels Wed 20-Sep-17 11:59:51

I've been in bed the last 2 days with what I thought was flu but has turned out to be a nasty case of tonsillitis. Wishing you all better very soon!

eeyoredebbie Wed 20-Sep-17 12:07:32

Thank you Wax

BeatriceBeaudelaire Wed 20-Sep-17 12:11:13

My mums got this - turned out to be bronchitis πŸ˜“ (she's fine though now lol)

MadisonAvenue Wed 20-Sep-17 12:24:33

This sounds a lot like what I had last weekend. Hot and sweating one minute, freezing, shivery and in need of a hot water bottle the next. Achy legs and a headache too, even moving my eyes hurt. I can't remember the last time I stayed in bed past 7.30am and I never go to bed when ill, I just carry on, but last Friday I stayed in bed and slept for 17 hours. I entered the vomiting stage on Saturday afternoon and that lasted until Sunday night.

Yesterday was the first time I'd felt slightly more human. Overdid it a bit though I think and I'm tired today.

On the plus side my appetite has been non-existent and I could do with losing some weight, I haven't eaten any chocolate or crisps since Thursday and I seem to now have found some willpower from somewhere.

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