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Can't sleep anyone awake?

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iamUberA Wed 20-Sep-17 01:57:42

Got a couple of hours then been wide awake since 1, have tried sleeping now have just given up and gone downstairs.
Anyone awake for a chat?

user327854831 Wed 20-Sep-17 02:03:02


iamUberA Wed 20-Sep-17 02:07:34

Hello! It's a weird time of day when everyone else is asleep isn't it

SprinklesandIcecream Wed 20-Sep-17 02:24:52

I'm awake! Annoyed with my husband cause he fell asleep mid conversation so I'm protesting grin.

iamUberA Wed 20-Sep-17 02:30:54

Haha poke him

CoffeeAndEnnui Wed 20-Sep-17 02:35:24

Wide awake too. At midnight DP persuaded me to watch Vikings with him until I was tired and has been snoring away ever since! Even the axe wielding North Men haven't wearied me, mind still whirring.

Scotstar Wed 20-Sep-17 02:37:49

I'm awake sad been trying to settle my 4 week old wee boy for the last 2 hours and now that I have bring kept awake by hubby snoring!

Merida83 Wed 20-Sep-17 02:38:26

Morning all. My 5 day old is refusing to sleep anywhere but my arms. Hubby snoring his head off - that man could sleep thro a natural disaster I'm quite sure!

Stopyourhavering Wed 20-Sep-17 02:38:49

Awake, woke in pain ( again- ) ....newly diagnosed vasculitis and the nerve pain is just awful... just waiting for analgesics to kick in.....only sleeping for 2-3 hrs at a time
Thank gif for internet!

iamUberA Wed 20-Sep-17 02:41:50

I'm awake due to stress I think, I keep getting heart palpitations too.
At least I can catch up on tv and do the kitchen that I was leaving til morning

iamUberA Wed 20-Sep-17 02:42:08

Sorry about your pain stop

Stopyourhavering Wed 20-Sep-17 02:47:50

Thanks, been prescribed gabapentin which is great , but on a gradually increasing dose at the moment.... it's a bit like having a couple of gin and tonics or entonox!!... feel quite spacey and dh thinks I'm quite cute when I've taken it!!!( rambling idiot more like) .... not able to work at the moment but going on holiday on Friday to somewhere tropical, so that's what's keeping me sane at the moment!!....normally I'm a good sleeper

Sugarpiehoneyeye Wed 20-Sep-17 02:49:35

I'm sat up with my little dog, she's just fallen asleep.
Had her at the vets earlier, and she's on medication for colitis, but very restless.
I'm sure she'll rally, but she's 17 years old, so I've stayed with her.
Hoping to creep off to bed shortly !
@Stopyourhavering, that must be awful, hope you're back in your cosy bed real soon.💐

iamUberA Wed 20-Sep-17 02:49:44

I normally sleep like a log!

Arcadia Wed 20-Sep-17 02:55:19

Yes me. Just came down for oatcakes and milk. I feel fine so might be because it is my last week in my job and my subconscious mind knows that 'change' is happening. Annoying as I was so tired at bedtime and had been for a long walk.

HunterThompsonspen Wed 20-Sep-17 02:59:33

Me too!

Awake with poorly ds. Just took his temp and its 38.5. Gave him some Calpol and now waiting to take it again before putting him down. I have a 3 year old dd so you'd think i would be used to this by now but i'm so worried sad

user327854831 Wed 20-Sep-17 03:00:17

My eldest has moved out to go to university so that's keeping me awake. Sorry to all those who are in pain.

iamUberA Wed 20-Sep-17 03:07:59

hunter hope he's feeling better soon! How old?

Pastaagain78 Wed 20-Sep-17 03:10:52

I'm up.

iamUberA Wed 20-Sep-17 03:11:25

What's keeping you up pasta

Brenna24 Wed 20-Sep-17 03:14:10

Me too. Haven't managed to get to sleep at all tonight.

iamUberA Wed 20-Sep-17 03:18:56

How come brenna

CoffeeAndEnnui Wed 20-Sep-17 03:19:28

Congrats on your new arrivals Scotstar and Merida and get well soon to those feeling rotten (both human and canine). I've made it into bed and am about to do a quick Donald Trump news update on YouTube before I curl up to sleep.

I can't entirely explain why being judgemental about the American president has become the final thing I do each night but there we are. We are living through peculiar times!

Brenna24 Wed 20-Sep-17 03:23:13

I am 19 weeks pregnant after 3 miscarriages and really anxious about whether or not the baby is alive still. One of my close friends set of a really bad anxiety attack about it by asking me this evening how the baby was despite me repeatedly explaining to her that I don't know, I have no way of telling, it is making me really anxious being asked and I won't find out until my scan next week at which point I will tell her what is going on. It has really upset me that she just will not stop asking me.

NotTheCoolMum Wed 20-Sep-17 03:24:31

Me! Desperately exhausted after a huge job interview today that I've been prepping for what seems like forever. DS is almost 8 months. So have been prepping while exhausted in the first place. First world problems I know. But now my mind is whirring going over what was said despite the fact I was so full of adrenaline it's all just a blur! Might have to go downstairs and eat something..

Sorry for those in pain.

Thinking of those with newborns - I kicked DH out of the bedroom for the first 3 months of DS's life!

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