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OK lay your best bet - how many party bags do I need?

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cottonwoolbrain Tue 19-Sep-17 15:37:02

DS has his first full class party coming up this weekend

29 invitations went out day after term started. 11 responses received - 9 coming, 2 declined.

That leaves another 18 responses outstanding. Will put reminders out tomorrow but need to start sorting out catering and party bags....

Lay your bets - how many will come?

MrsZB Tue 19-Sep-17 15:42:19

That's really tricky. It's so thoughtless of people not to reply.

Could you do cones of sweets because they work out quite cheap ...

Notanothergiraffe Tue 19-Sep-17 15:45:05

17 is my wild guess but it could be anywhere from 7 to 27 😬

Fekko Tue 19-Sep-17 15:47:08

7 or 103.

BasicBetty Tue 19-Sep-17 16:00:49

I'm going with 20.

Don't want to alarm you, BUT we invited the whole reception class (30) to DS birthday - 20 acceptances, a couple declined and we had 36 kids at the party shock 3 rocked up without replying and the rest were siblings!! Writing names on party bags is definitely a good plan!

formerbabe Tue 19-Sep-17 16:02:09

Always do more than you think you'll need...I'd give any left over to siblings of the invited children.

WindyWednesday Tue 19-Sep-17 16:06:54

Why is it so hard to reply to an invitation? People are so rude. I've given up doing the class party now, too much of this crap. So I invited 8 to a to a party at home, ended up with 4 turning up. Bollocks to it I say.

Ponyboycurtis Tue 19-Sep-17 16:14:33

I would probably make up 32-35, from experience kids who haven't replied will come anyway & siblings may stay/queue up for a bag. I always had a box of bags for the ones invited and a spare few that were made up of what I had left over, I gave them to the siblings who had stayed. (I actually would've made up 70+ bags as mine are twins so every child had a bag from each of mine, needless to say I stopped class parties after Yr 2!).

ALittleMop Tue 19-Sep-17 16:15:32

Do a lucky dip instead
Then if they don't get used you can roll them over to next year/next kid/folks can have 2/take home for brothers and sisters

ALittleMop Tue 19-Sep-17 16:17:16

People are so crap at replying. I try to reply instantly so I don't forget.

Props to the mum in DDs class who said venue will be revealed when you text to RSVP

Ponyboycurtis Tue 19-Sep-17 16:17:58

alittlemop that's a brilliant idea, saves all the bother, lucky dip and a bit if cake, job done.

PavoReal Tue 19-Sep-17 16:23:16

I have a very similar story to basicbetty. I did a whole reception class party and invited 29 last year. I didn't do a count at the party itself, but it was certainly around the 30 children mark due to hoards of uninivited siblings (both older and younger). It wasn't a problem as I'd done worst case scenario and catered for 30. The uninvited siblings didn't expect a party bag or a place at the table so everything was OK.

cottonwoolbrain Tue 19-Sep-17 16:35:18

Sigh, I'll do 30... if the worst comes to the worst and hardly anyone turns up I can comfort myself with a pile of fun size chocolate bars and mini packs of haribo grin

Why can people just not reply -I know this is a common gripe on mumsnet but just why?

Fekko Tue 19-Sep-17 16:51:16

I used to buy the partybags and have a selection of goodies - so small packs of sweets, puzzles, toys etc (so that any leftovers would be used anyway) and do an 'on the spot' bag make up on the day.

WindyWednesday Tue 19-Sep-17 17:12:57

I don't understand why pp can't reply. This time I put a rsvp by date on the invite, and that didn't work.

I always feel it's as though pp are waiting for a better offer.

I always reply asap, but our school doesn't seem to do parties. Only two this whole year. (2017 not school year)

My friend had a good one where she had random children turning up who weren't invited. She didn't know what to say. I had a bouncer ( my bold mate) on the door incase of stowaways.

SnowBallsAreHere Tue 19-Sep-17 17:14:57

15 & a half

cottonwoolbrain Tue 19-Sep-17 17:18:47

A half???? Which half top or bottom or will they be neatly sliced lengthwise?

A1Sharon Tue 19-Sep-17 17:56:09

M&S have their Halloween chocolate ball nets in now, 3 for 2. I always do these for post party treat.

RiversrunWoodville Tue 19-Sep-17 18:32:48

Windy are you from NI <if so waves I might be that friend>

chanie44 Tue 19-Sep-17 19:20:50

We recently had DDs party. We invited the whole class of 30 to a party in a hall.

11 responded in good time.

2 of the 11 didn't show up on the day.

2 contacted me the day of the party to confirm.

4 just turned up.

There were loads of siblings (a couple asked if they could bring a sibling, but a many just turned up with them!)

I was expecting 15 (including siblings). I made up 24 party bag and was still scrambling around for a couple more.

WindyWednesday Tue 19-Sep-17 20:15:20

Sorry River I'm not from NI, but waves anyway!

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