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Would you like to come home to the smell of weed?

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EachandEveryone Sat 16-Sep-17 11:51:49

Im no square but i did stop smoking fags 9 months ago so now im uktra sensitive. I am older and live in a flat share. Its cheap for London and im nit going anywhere ant time soon.

Flat mate (who i have posted about before) has got herself another dubious boyfriend. Shes still paying £430 a month for the last ones mercedes he cant drive in as he has a DUI. Im assuming she cantvle him go because despite all the legal advice she still pays the loan.

Anyway the new one she met on the street when she was babysitting. He seems nice enough certainly not nasty lije the last one. Its the smoking though. I got in at 3am after a birthday night out and the place atank of weed. I had to clean up. There was drug paraphernalia on top of the cats tree and dirty underpants on my livng room floor. I also dont like the way she leaves him when she goes to school to work. Its only been less than too weeks?

Am i being precious? Please dontvtell me its time not to flatshare i coukdnt affird the £1350 on my own a month.

EachandEveryone Sat 16-Sep-17 11:52:32

Sorry about the typos i pressed send too soon.

chipsandpeas Sat 16-Sep-17 11:59:17

smoking weed wouldnt bother me but leaving him alone in the flat would

mummymeister Sat 16-Sep-17 12:02:33

If you are flat sharing then you need some rules around who is in the flat alone i.e. guests. if she keeps choosing a selection of twats to hook up with and rob her of her money that's down to her she is an adult.

however, you pay rent not only for your room but for the common areas like the lounge and kitchen and you should be able to use them without any worries.

choose a time when all the flatmates are around and get some ground rules down about not leaving partners/boyfriends alone in the house when they are not there.

how she lives her life is up to her but if it impacts on yours then it is your business.

CrochetBelle Sat 16-Sep-17 12:04:21

Oh god yeah, I'd love to come home to the smell of weed.
Considering I live with two kids, a cat and a dog, though, it's unlikely sad

Ummmmgogo Sat 16-Sep-17 12:07:53

I would imagine that weed smokers will say the smell wouldn't bother them but it will bother those who don't smoke weed.

your flatmate sounds like a piss take. find a new one or rent a studio xx

Ummmmgogo Sat 16-Sep-17 12:09:38

studio in Camberwell £825?

EachandEveryone Sat 16-Sep-17 12:16:28

Like I said I'm in no position to rent on my own the landlady hasn't put the rent up for years. It's a shared hall and I don't see why the pensioners next door should have to smell it either, it's not just the weed but it's all the crap that comes with it all the curry up the sides in the kitchen not been bothered to clear up, the underpants in my work bag where they have just been dropped, the crisps and nuts dropped all over the shop you know the general things you would clear up if you weren't stoned? I've just spent all morning mopping and cleaning. She's gone off tutoring and he's just left it's midday. We have a new girl living here she only moved in last week it's advertised as a no smoking flat with two others.

He is a very nice fella it's not that. Do you think I should tell her to smoke in the bedroom. I have a little balcony I'm sat having a coffee on now. As you can see it's a tight fit but surely nice enough to have a splif on.

Ummmmgogo Sat 16-Sep-17 12:19:01

omg didn't know you had a balcony. you are completely and utterly reasonable to ask for all smoking of ANYthing to be done on there.

Happydays21 Sat 16-Sep-17 12:28:07

Why? It seems reasonable to me to ask them to smoke on the balcony.

redexpat Sat 16-Sep-17 12:31:11

I hate the smell of weed. It makes me feel really nauseous witjin about 2 seconds. I think balcony is a good idea.

MurielsBottom Sat 16-Sep-17 12:31:54

It seems like you need some general house rules imo. Does your landlady have anything to do with the flat share or does she leave you to get on with it? I would ask her to get involved and set some rules for everyone. It is certainly not acceptable to be smoking weed or leaving such a mess in communal areas.

EachandEveryone Sat 16-Sep-17 12:58:22

Why would I live in Camberwell when I live as far North in London as you can get? I also work a ten minute walk away. Moving is not an option.

EachandEveryone Sat 16-Sep-17 13:01:10

My land lady owns hundreds of properties in London she only gets involved if something needs doing in the flat even then I just ring her people. I like it that way. It's just me on the contract.

PinkHeart5913 Sat 16-Sep-17 13:02:23

It's not unreasonable not to want to smell weed in the house you live and I wouldn't be happy with it either.

You have a balcony so why can't they smoke out there? It's not like your asking them to go outside the block of flats.

Why should you have to leave your home becuase your flatmate can't ask the latest bloke to smoke outside?

MurielsBottom Sat 16-Sep-17 13:03:05

Sounds like you can set some rules then. I would definitely be unhappy with the boyfriend staying without the flat mate there and the general disregard for other people is not nice too. I think it's time to have a word with your flatmate.

Ummmmgogo Sat 16-Sep-17 13:09:49

don't move to Camberwell then I was just trying to help because ime Inconsiderate people don't change. ask everyone to smoke outside and clean up after themselves and good luck

EachandEveryone Sat 16-Sep-17 13:10:53

Although of course the next thing will be putting dog ends in my plants....

Ummmmgogo Sat 16-Sep-17 13:11:34

invest in a pound shop ashtray

AbsentmindedWoman Sat 16-Sep-17 13:21:31

I would not be happy with somebody smoking weed where I live, as a daily thing. Had a house mate like this and it pissed me off because for example I don't want my clothes picking up the smell, which is hardly professional.

If it had been a one off if they threw a party, I wouldn't bother saying anything. In your case though, definitely ask him to smoke on the balcony.

EachandEveryone Sat 16-Sep-17 13:52:53

It's new for her as it's the first time she's brought a guy back. Only the other day she said she was glad he didn't smoke weed like her previous blokes. Well that didn't last long. He's come back and I can smell it again butbits coming from her bedroom so I can't say anything. I'm not stiff. I'm remember those days in my twenties spent in bed smoking a spliff eating pizza watching a film with a boyfriend. I do get it.

EachandEveryone Sat 16-Sep-17 21:11:09

Ive invested in some diffusers as well

SweetBabyJebus Sun 17-Sep-17 08:15:42

If it's advertised as a non smoking flat it's a non smoking bloody flat! Tell her to sort her boyfriend out. It's not about weed, there's no smoking full stop. If he can't respect that he's another fucktard she needs to get rid of. Christ, where does people's sense of fucking entitlement come from?! He needs to comply by the rules or they both sleep elsewhere.

NameChanger22 Sun 17-Sep-17 08:20:13

I would not be happy. I'd probably ask her to move out if it didn't stop immediately. I can't stand the smell, it is disgusting.

EachandEveryone Sun 17-Sep-17 10:31:13

Well it's contained in her bedroom. This is a woman with OCD who goes to the gym twice a day I can believe she's breathing that crap in. Trouble is that I can shut it off but the new girl shares a corridor with her so it must go under her door.

I'm having a coffee on my balcony watching the world go by. If I was a stoner this is were I would be sat.

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