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Wisdom tooth removal

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ThorsMistress Wed 13-Sep-17 18:36:49

Have posted before about an infected wisdom tooth that caused me non stop agonising pain. Finally saw a different dentist who gave me double strength antibiotics which seem to of done the trick and I'm free of pain grin

Tomorrow is the day I will finally have it removed. I've had a tooth removed before but have been sedated so I'm extremely nervous about tomorrow. Does anyone have any good experiences of wisdom tooth removal? To stop me feeling like I could cry sad

Winteriscomingneedmorewood Wed 13-Sep-17 18:38:56

I had a wisdom tooth out while pregnant. . A morning appointment and ate a cheese sandwich on the afternoon!
Never felt a thing and that butty was delicious!

Peachyking000 Wed 13-Sep-17 18:39:13

I've had all 4 removed - I'm guessing yours is a bottom one as they usually cause the trouble!

Honestly, it was such a relief to be pain free it was worth it. It is a bit daunting having the local anaesthetic, but after that I didn't feel a thing. It does tend to bleed a bit afterwards, so make sure you go home and rest.

torthecatlady Wed 13-Sep-17 18:39:50

I have no helpful comments other than I know the pain! I have an infected wisdom tooth. Waiting for an appointment now!

ThorsMistress Wed 13-Sep-17 18:44:41

I'm so so nervous. Part of me is excited that I won't be in any pain anymore but the nerves are horrible sad

It's a top one and one of 2 but the second one is ok ATM touch wood!

Torthecatlady I've been in pain for about a month now and the day is near to finally be free and I'm panicked sad

Dreamstosell Wed 13-Sep-17 18:49:12

I had one out earlier in the year. Local anaesthetic then didn't feel a thing. No problems with bleeding and no pain afterwards. Only thing I found was that for the first couple of days if I bent down I felt an uncomfortable feeling of pressure (hard to describe) where the tooth had been. So I just tried not to do that! But to my surprise my gum wasn't sore at all afterwards.

torthecatlady Wed 13-Sep-17 18:49:12

Aw good luck! It will feel amazing once it's done. Ive been using ibuprofen and paracetamol around the clock. Some days it's not enough! I have an appointment on Tuesday but might try to get a sooner one!

LegoCaltrops Wed 13-Sep-17 18:50:12

I've had 3 wisdom teeth out - 2 under general & 1 under local. Like you, I'd got infections in them (they grew into my cheek, I actually got septicaemia with one of them, incredibly unpleasant). It wasn't nice but the relief was immediate when they were removed. And my life improved massively as I no longer had to put up with a few weeks of pain every couple of months when they tried to grow / move, there simply wasn't room in my mouth for them.

Hope all goes well. I needed a day off work after to recover, but I suspect that was because I'd got into such a state beforehand. I was off for a week with the septicaemia so the actual procedure wasn't so bad in comparison!

Definitely make sure you stock up on paracetamol & soft /non-chewable food, like yoghurt, soup, bananas etc. No bits to get in the socket. Milk to drink if you like, I found it soothing for the discomfort. Personally I couldn't tolerate hot or very cold drinks for a few days but some people can.

PricklyBall Wed 13-Sep-17 19:00:37

Had a top one out under local a few years ago and it was fine (much to my relief because I have a phobia of dentists). No pain, no bleeding.

Peachyking000 Wed 13-Sep-17 19:17:26

Oh that's good, the top ones are easier to have removed (the bottom ones apparently are tricky as there can be nerve issues and locally only certain dentists will touch them!)

Good luck

ThorsMistress Wed 13-Sep-17 19:45:27

Thank you all. Starting to feel less nervous and more excited about not having any pain and being able to sleep flat instead of propped up on a mountain of pillows!

Torthecatlady I was taking ibuprofen and paracetamol religiously for weeks until they stopped working. Co codomol is the only thing that would touch the pain until the double strength antibiotics kicked in!

furlinedsheepskinjacket Wed 13-Sep-17 19:47:35

top ones are easy

2 seconds and it will be out

ScaredPerson Wed 13-Sep-17 19:56:32

I had four out under general this year, two of which were horrendously impacted. The recovery was smoother and easier than I had dared dream. I was swollen and uncomfortable for a while but that was nothing compared to the pain of infections and I only needed paracetamol & ibuprofen for a few days. The only nasty bit was the warm saltwater rinses! I was utterly terrified but I'm so, so glad I did it.

ThorsMistress Wed 13-Sep-17 20:17:51

I would love to of been put under but the waiting list is 3-4 months and I can't wait that long so braving the dentist.

The one thing I am worried about is how they're going to get it out. It's literally just coming through. I can just about feel it so it's not a full tooth iyswim? The dentist at the walk in dentist said it wouldn't be hard to get out but i fail to see how?

ScaredPerson Thu 14-Sep-17 15:54:37

Yeah, I waited ~14 months from referral to surgery!

I hope it went okay for you today. They can wriggle them out just fine, they're used to it! I recommend ice packs on your face for any swelling, soft foods and your favourite TV show.

ThorsMistress Thu 14-Sep-17 16:11:48

@ScaredPerson 14 months?! I thought 3-4 months was bad!

The bastard thing has now been removed grin didn't feel a thing! The worst part was the god awful cracking sound envy <--- NOT envy

Now home in my pjs waiting for my cup of coffee to cool down!

ScaredPerson Thu 14-Sep-17 19:10:35

Well I had to go to hospital and have a surgeon do them - 2 were upside down and one was pressing on a nerve!

I'm so glad you didn't feel anything, the anaesthetics are great aren't they?! Cracking sound... ewww! But now it is GONE and you won't have to deal with it ever again! Keep on top of the aftercare and you'll be fine - I was worried about complications but they're actually really quite rare and usually a result of not following aftercare. Within a week you'll be past the worst of it and you'll get better every day.

But do take advantage of the chance to get your own way with food/pillows/TV. I did!

ScaredPerson Tue 19-Sep-17 07:48:00

How are you feeling now, @ThorsMistress?

ThorsMistress Tue 19-Sep-17 10:17:08

@ScaredPerson I'm feeling great thank you! Slight aches every now and again but to be free of the agony I was in is amazing smile

ScaredPerson Tue 19-Sep-17 13:47:48

I'm so glad it's brought you relief and that you feel good, that's excellent news! 😊

torthecatlady Wed 20-Sep-17 16:31:04

Just thought I'd add that I'm on antibiotics and I'm booked in for an extraction at the dentist on Friday 29th!

ScaredPerson Thu 21-Sep-17 14:22:41

Hope things go smoothly for you too, torthecatlady!

KurriKurri Thu 21-Sep-17 14:31:54

I was coming on to say I had a top one out a month ago after anasty infection and to reassure you. But see you have had it done now.
I agree the cracking sound is the worst bit ! But it wasn;t painful - just quite a lot of pushing and pulling. But like you - massive relief to be free of a tooth that was causing a lot of pain.

You'll probably need pain killers to help you sleep for a couple of nights, - it will all feel a bit tender and bruised. I found food kept getting stuck in the empty socket while it was healing, and the best way to clear it was a to swill my mouth out really well with water/salt water - and kind of woosh it thoroughly round the area (rather than trying to brush it out which is painful and will make it bleed).

torthecatlady Thu 21-Sep-17 18:54:40

Thank you! I'll be well stocked up on painkillers! I'll keep you updated.

torthecatlady Fri 29-Sep-17 16:49:20

Just an update.

The wisdom tooth is out!!

Two injections to numb it, one by the gum/cheek and one in the roof of my mouth (which really bloody hurt).

Tooth was out within seconds. Just felt like a scraping feeling. I didn't even realise it was out at first.

X-rays went well, no underlying issues to be worried about.

I also brought the offending tooth home with me, if anyone fancies a gander? grin

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