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Is Colleen having another boy?

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Leilaniii Wed 06-Sep-17 11:21:34

The Sun seem to think so. I thought she didn't know yet? I was thinking the other day that if she had a girl, it might make it easier to leave as I understand she really wanted a daughter, so it would mean she might just stop there and not have any more kids? In which case, she wouldn't need him (Rooney) any more.

TeacupsAndDaffodils Wed 06-Sep-17 11:34:09

Girl or Boy won't matter. She won't be going anywhere -other than off on another holiday (which apparently is what she spends most of her time doing). She enjoys the lifestyle and money too much to leave him. For most, if a Husband/Partner/Boyfriend showed them that kind of disrespect, they would have enough self respect and would be long gone, not having more children with the guy.

Leilaniii Wed 06-Sep-17 11:36:52

She enjoys the lifestyle and money too much to leave him.

She has her own money and she would get a humungous divorce settlement if she left him.

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