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What things would you change about DP/DH?

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tigercub50 Thu 17-Aug-17 22:51:10

I know you can't change people but just out of interest? I would give DH more patience with DD. I would soften the way he sometimes speaks as he can come across differently than he actually intends to ( that's with others as well as DD). I would massively boost his self esteem. Make him a little less grouchy when he's tired. Lose the snoring!

FoodGloriousFud Thu 17-Aug-17 23:03:50

Literally only thing is that he doesn't put the tupperware boxes away from the dishwasher. Everything else gets put away but they go near the cupboard!!!! Just don't get it.

BringOnTheScience Thu 17-Aug-17 23:06:01


Everything else I can forgive... but at 3am I could quite happily smother him.

MissAlabamaWhitman Thu 17-Aug-17 23:07:07

I'd change his mother.

lilydaisyrose Thu 17-Aug-17 23:08:22

To love food/cooking. My DH's favourite food is anything oven cooked from the freezer. Over cooked potato waffles and pizza anyone? I've no-one to cook for/with, explore recioes and restaurants together and I'd absolutely love him to love food/recipes/cooking/world foods.

maxthemartian Thu 17-Aug-17 23:20:32

I'll second snoring. He sleeps so fucking soundly as well, all happy and loud as I seethe sleeplessly.

tigercub50 Thu 17-Aug-17 23:22:08

My DH loves baking & cooking. We now have pizzas every Sat because he started to make his own dough & produces the tastiest pizzas ever! He makes wonderful cakes & decorates them to suit the individual. His chocolate chilli is to die for!

greenmelon Thu 17-Aug-17 23:23:26

Absolutely nothing. But we don't live together yet so ask me that again in 6 months wink

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Thu 17-Aug-17 23:29:20

I cured the snoring with DH - I bought him a snore ring.

I would have said smoking but he quit a couple of weeks ago.

I would change his habit of lifting his top to scratch his belly while we are out. He does it quite a bit and it really annoys me.

HistoriaTrixie Thu 17-Aug-17 23:34:13

I would make him a bit more careful about the shopping. He hates going so I mostly do it (and he does most of the dishes, which I hate). This means that he rushes through to finish it fast and can be very inattentive - forgetting items, getting the wrong size or brand of something specified, getting tomato sauce instead of diced tomatoes, things like that. I always ask him to go back and get the right item and he always gets pissy about it - it never lasts long, but I feel like he shouldn't be pissy at having to correct his mistake.

Other than that the only thing I'd change is his absent-minded habit of flicking his thumb and index finger nails together. Repetitive sounds drive me doolally.

Really, he's great. smile

NotTheCoolMum Thu 17-Aug-17 23:34:54

The ability to see dirt

MrsJoyOdell Thu 17-Aug-17 23:36:45

Hmm... not much, I've got a good one tbh! I'd make him less grumpy sometimes but he's no worse than me. Maybe I'd give him his hair back, he'd like that. grin

JohnLapsleyParlabane Thu 17-Aug-17 23:37:43

Another snoring one here. He quite often goes to bed before me and will be sleeping silently as I get ready for bed, but the second I get comfortable he starts snoring. Intermittently. Grrrr

sororitynoise Thu 17-Aug-17 23:42:05

His mum

Catra Fri 18-Aug-17 00:01:47

That he could find the same level of satisfaction and income doing a job that wasn't so demanding and stressful so we could spend more quality time together.

Katedotness1963 Fri 18-Aug-17 00:13:34

His chronic lateness. It drives me mad.

He's quite happy for me to always be the bad guy when it comes to the kids. He'd rather they like him than sort out bad behaviour.

He takes his mothers side in everything.

Aardfart Fri 18-Aug-17 01:42:42

I wouldn't change much, I do think he's quite perfect. I'd make him less argumentative with his family and maybe a bit more decisive.

BertieBotts Fri 18-Aug-17 01:56:00

I would teach him to fry shit properly and not leave grease spattered all over the cooker.

Apart from that he's alright grin

Fluffypinkpyjamas Fri 18-Aug-17 02:02:59

To not say he's "taken the trash out for me" or " cut the grass for me" it's not for ME ffs. It's all of our trash and the grass is everyone's too. Apart from that nothing else...that I can think of at the moment grin

OneTitWonder Fri 18-Aug-17 02:35:01

I'd make him an optimist instead of a pessimist.

gluteustothemaximus Fri 18-Aug-17 02:43:41

Just the snoring grin

annandale Fri 18-Aug-17 02:53:13

I'd make him healthier.

Oh and there's a thing he does with his fingers that gets on my tits a bit so that could go.

I quite like his snoring, at least now ds is older.

RhinestoneCowgirl Fri 18-Aug-17 02:58:51

Would add to the snoring chorus, doesn't combine well with my occasional insomnia...

Also his tendency to hoard large quantities of 'useful' cables, that could prob go.

MrsPear Fri 18-Aug-17 06:55:49


TheLuminaries Fri 18-Aug-17 06:59:38

I'd ,like him to have more confidence in himself and not be so down on himself, for his sake. For my sake, there is nothing he needs to change (& been married 25 years) grin

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