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What age did you put your child in a pushchair?

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Kat160417 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:33:18

Dd is 4 months and hates lying flat in her carrycot resulting in lots of crying so walking anyway isn't very enjoyable!

I have a mothercare orb so it changes into a pushchair when time is right. Dp doesn't really want her to go into the pushchair until she is 6 months because this is what's recommended but I'm the one who's out with her more as he's at work!

I'm just wondering at what age did you put your child in a pushchair?


ZZZZ1111 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:41:02

Around 6 mths. Followed the guidelines. Tried him in around 5 mths and he didn't look right / comfy actually. Have you tried a sling instead?

Chottie Wed 16-Aug-17 19:43:24

DD had a buggy that laid flat, so DGS was in it from Day 1. (Bugaboo B)

MrGrumpy01 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:45:02

My eldest went in from birth and my middle pretty much did to. The double was more a buggy style as well.

Both were lie flat and suitable from birth.

I did put my youngest into the pushchair seat on her travel system as amongst other things the raincover was really difficult to use on the carrycot.

Kat160417 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:45:25

ZZZZ1111 can't use a sling as dd has hip dysplasia so it isn't recommended

Changerofname987654321 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:45:52

9 weeks as she in incredible tall and out grew it. Even though it went completely flat I had it tilted up the same as her cot due to her reflux. I was devastated as I wants to keep her flat until 6 months but as she was crawling by then it would not have been safe anyway.

Remember to keep the pushchair in parent facing mode.

flutterby12 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:46:50

My DS grew out of the carrycot attachment a little before 4 months. He went in the pushchair bit from then on, it can lay flat. We have a Cosatto Giggle.

scrubthedeckandmakeitlookSHINY Wed 16-Aug-17 19:48:59

I have a Bugaboo Cameleon and huge DS2 grew out of the carrycot at ten weeks. The seat attachment lies virtually flat so he went into that then. No problems.

MrGrumpy01 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:56:04

I didn't have the big 2 parent facing. I am pretty certain ds's speech delay wasn't due to that.

luckylucky24 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:59:18

8 months. We had a silvercross travel system and tbh he was in the carseat more than the carrycot as he also hated being flat. I know this is not recommended though.

BertieBotts Wed 16-Aug-17 20:01:17

There are hip dysplasia friendly slings but you'll need to inquire at a sling library type place. Baby bjorn etc won't work.

I put DS in the pushchair in a reclined maybe 45 degree position at 4 months as I found he wanted to look around then.

Kat160417 Wed 16-Aug-17 20:01:21

luckylucky24 yeah I tend to put dd in the car seat more because of this but also because its easier. However if im on a long walk and its sunny the car seat doesn't provide much shade

Fluteytootey Wed 16-Aug-17 20:02:53

I thought ergonomic slings were recommended for babies with hip dysplasia?

Kat160417 Wed 16-Aug-17 20:03:06

BertieBotts yeah think im going to look at a sling once dd gets her cast on. My dd sounds the same as your ds that she wants to look round so i might try it

BertieBotts Wed 16-Aug-17 20:04:01

Once he was able to sit for longer without slumping over I sat him up more. How much does your pushchair recline? I never bothered with a carrycot and just put it on its lowest setting when he was tiny as it was flat. I think 6 months is more the maximum for a carrycot (in case they start rolling and crawling) rather than being the minimum for a seat, the ones which don't recline at all for example are recommended for from 3 months. I think it depends on hot baby and how well they sit with support.

Kat160417 Wed 16-Aug-17 20:04:16

Well I'm going to ask at the hospital once her cast is on about which slings are recommended

tearsinmyeyes Wed 16-Aug-17 20:06:17

Connecta carrier till about 14 months and then a maclaren techno

Kat160417 Wed 16-Aug-17 20:08:38

My carrycot turns into the pushchair but fully reclines back or I can tilt it completely up so it would be as if she was sat in her bouncer or something like that

moobeana Wed 16-Aug-17 20:13:11

Both mine 4 1/2 months, they wanted to sit and see the world, the seat almost fully reclined so it was just easier and we were all happier!

RandomMess Wed 16-Aug-17 20:14:54

A semi reclined pushchair is probably better/safer than being sat in car seat!

moobeana Wed 16-Aug-17 20:16:19

Also, my friends dd had hip dysplasia, and she had great success with her connecta (well hers was from rose and rebellion, but same type of sling). It supports the legs to the knee so the upper leg is at right angle (frog leg) position.

I have the same sling and love love love it!

Kat160417 Wed 16-Aug-17 20:23:36

Thanks for recommendation of the sling, ill definitely have a look at them!

sofreakingtired Wed 16-Aug-17 21:18:39

I had the orb as well (great buggy) and made it in to the pushchair when DD was about 4 months. If she fell asleep I just undid the clips so it lay properly flat again. Really easy to do once you get used to it, it's just the one clip you really need to do. Best of both worlds.

BertieBotts Wed 16-Aug-17 21:58:42

If you are happy using the car seat, a reclined buggy seat is exactly the same thing. In fact as a PP said it's probably better as not so curved!

Firsttimemama2017 Wed 16-Aug-17 22:04:26

About 5 months, when she outgrew the carrycot! Try her in the pushchair bit and see how she looks. We tried our little one in the seat at 4.5 months and she looked far too small.

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