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Any medics up? Sudden diverticular bleeding & pain. (TMI alert)

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LarkDescending Sun 13-Aug-17 03:32:10

I have a 10-month history of diverticular disease with recurrent flare-ups of acute diverticulitis requiring inpatient (conservative) treatment. The last acute admission was two weeks ago; antibiotic course finished last Wednesday. Not yet had any clinic followup since first diagnosis last October.

Have now woken up in the middle of the night with sudden severe left lower abdo pain & cramping. Went to the loo and passed a lot of bright red blood (not just spotting, significant volume). An hour on and a few more loo trips later, have managed to have bowel movements and the bleeding seems to have stopped. Not dizzy or anything, no fever I don't think. Pain now just mildly crampy.

I don't need urgent medical attention, do I? As far as I understand it if the bleeding stops of its own accord it is just one of those things to chalk up to experience with this disease, right?

NB the bleeding & crampiness are definitely not of the gynae sort - I am post-hysterectomy.

HeyBigSpender Sun 13-Aug-17 03:36:15

Sorry I have no idea about this but just bumping for you

NancyCarolinesHeadtorch Sun 13-Aug-17 03:48:37

You'll probably be ok to wait until later this morning but you should see someone today. If you call the OOH gp service (assuming this will be 111 in your area) and hopefully you'll be able to get a morning appointment- or you could call later this morning. Definitely today though, I'd not be happy for you to wait until Monday since this is a fairly recent diagnosis.

If the pain gets worse again or the bleeding starts again, go to A&E straight away.

Feeling dizzy is quite a late sign for internal bleeding so keep am eye on your heart rate if you can. 100 or above- A&E

LarkDescending Sun 13-Aug-17 03:54:09

Thank you. Now shivering/shaking. But that may be just because I have been out of bed for much of the night & it's a cool night.

NancyCarolinesHeadtorch Sun 13-Aug-17 03:57:36

Can you take your temperature? The shaking could be rigours caused by fever which might mean a bout of diverticulitis. Or it may be just the adrenaline rush of intense pain and a bit of stress wearing off.

LarkDescending Sun 13-Aug-17 04:04:19

The thermometer seems to have vanished. But the shivering seems to be subsiding, so as you say perhaps not a worry. I will do as you have suggested going forward. Many thanks.

NancyCarolinesHeadtorch Sun 13-Aug-17 04:12:08

Good stuff. Hope you feel better soon pet smile

LarkDescending Sun 13-Aug-17 04:17:39

Thank you smile

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