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How much pocket money for 11-12yo? And what do they do for it?

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MerryMarigold Mon 17-Jul-17 21:09:51

3 questions really:

How much? Ds1 reckons he's due a 'pay rise' as he's going to secondary (his words) and his friends get £20 a week hmm
Do your kids earn their pocket money or just get it? (And help with jobs expected as part of family life)
What are they expected to spend it on? Eg. phone, clothes, presents, travel or is it all 'disposable'?

Stillwishihadabs Mon 17-Jul-17 21:13:24

Ds is 13 he gets £10 a week. His room needs to be in a fit state, clothes put away rabbits cleaned out and table laid and cleared (also help with cooking).

MerryMarigold Mon 17-Jul-17 21:16:03

Thanks stillwish. Do you pay for phone or does he?

Freshprincess Mon 17-Jul-17 21:17:32

£20! I'd be bankrupt. My year 7 DTs get £5 a week.
They have to tidy bedrooms every day, sort their own dirty laundry (into darks and whites, I do the washing and drying bit), put clean laundry away, change beds once a week, prepare dinner once each, help to clean kitchen after meals. One of them has to put the bins out once a week (they fight over this job). Plus Other random jobs when I think of them. We've negotiated an extra £1 for helping in the garden.

It's purely disposable as I pay for everything. They usually buy sweets on the way home from school.

bimbobaggins Mon 17-Jul-17 21:31:28

My ds is 13 and he gets £80 pm from grandparents, nothing from me. He pays towards his mobile phone, Fifa points, and other bits and bobs. All clothing I pay for.
He is meant to keep room tidy and take bins out, clear table after dinner but chore is a fight. I asked him to strip his bed Friday and I am still waiting.

Stillwishihadabs Mon 17-Jul-17 21:33:06

No I pay for his phone. He has a long journey to school and I don't put my hand in my pocket on days out. If they want it they buy it.

Stillwishihadabs Mon 17-Jul-17 21:34:46

He pays for all his own games etc. luckily he has stopped buying junk on the way home.

TeenAndTween Mon 17-Jul-17 21:38:25

DD2 just finishing y7 gets £15 per month.
Discretionary spends only, includes PAYG phone that she hardly uses. Has to buy token B-day and Xmas for myself, DH and her sister.

She has saved £100 since Sept, as we are now paying directly into bank account (has cash card). When she was on £3/wk she used to spend it more freely.

Limited jobs at home, but expected to be tidy, do homework etc etc.

ALittleMop Mon 17-Jul-17 21:40:01

Ds is 12 nearly 13
He gets £12 pcm into his bank account
£5 pcm from his Granny
I pay for giffgaff payg, drumming lessons, scout subs, and kayaking club
He does stuff all as standard "chores" related to pocket money - I prefer to keep that separate anyway, but he is expected to help with dishes/washing/keeping an eye on siblings when asked and is pretty good.

SpookyBookey Mon 17-Jul-17 21:44:06

None unless they do jobs around the house above what is expected of them, otherwise what are you teaching them other than in life you can get free handouts?

But I am probably still jealous of ex school friends that received £100 a week and complained they were skint when their parents paid their bills, for clothes and trips out 😂

BethennyFrankel Mon 17-Jul-17 21:56:07

Teenager gets £10 a week and doesn't have to do anything for it

BethennyFrankel Mon 17-Jul-17 21:56:53

We also pay for all phones (about £30 a month each)

MerryMarigold Mon 17-Jul-17 21:57:56

Thanks all. Lots of variation there. He currently gets £2.50 per week plus extras for jobs so he can get up to £5 if he works quite hard (I get my car valeted by him for £2 and he's v thorough!) though this is rare.

They also lose 50p per minute for being late. (Harsh but it works well to make them leave house on time without constant nagging!!).

mintbiscuit Mon 17-Jul-17 22:06:21

DS1 is 13. £10 pw. For that he does daily dishwasher emptying, clears table after dinner, keeps bedroom tidy and clean (inc changing bedsheets), does his own washing (under supervision), takes rubbish out sometimes, helps me sort ds2 and dd at teatime/bed when dh is away for work, and takes turn on cat litter tray rota.

He can earn extra money for jobs around the house eg. Cleaning bathroom, hoovering.

All clothes/shoes/school stuff/swim lessons/packed lunch/bus fare paid by me. Pocket money is his to spend.

iseenodust Mon 17-Jul-17 22:08:36

DS 12 only gets a couple of pounds per week. He gets extra if washes car or does a major chore. We pay for his three sports clubs & kit, phone & all clothes. He can also use his lunch card to buy snacks at break/after school. He often gets cash at xmas and birthdays and uses this to go bowling/see a film with friends.

We will have a think at 13 about more and opening a 'teen' bank account.

Mrsfloss Mon 17-Jul-17 22:13:28

Only on mumsnet would teenage kids survive on £4 a week.

My son gets £25 a week, for time with friends at weekend. I buy clothes, phone.

In return general chores, good attitude and hard work at school and do homework

ALittleMop Mon 17-Jul-17 22:41:50

£25 per week? Mrs Floss Are you the OP's DS? grin

Mrsfloss Mon 17-Jul-17 22:43:30

They all go out at a weekend. Abou 10 lads go out. Cinema, bowling, food. How could they do it for less?

I don't get it

Saladd0dger Mon 17-Jul-17 22:48:40

My 12 year old dd gets nothing. All I ask is she keeps her room tidy and she refuses. I won't even top her phone up now either. She's such a slob to live with , makes more mess than the rest of us together.

BeingMePls Mon 17-Jul-17 22:50:32

I'm with MrsFloss. How can they go out to eat and cinema over the weekend with the amounts of pockets money being cited here.

DS12 gets about £100pcm and I pay for phone bill, clothes etc

FreakinDeacon Mon 17-Jul-17 22:55:09

My DS doesn't get a set weekly amount. He just gets what he needs for whatever he is doing. Cinema, lunch in town etc.

That said, he's quite a young 12 and still spends a lot of time at the park or just out on his bike with friends.

We pay for phone, games unless Birthday, days out etc. He did save Birthday money for a new bike but otherwise he just buys a load of crap or too many sweets!

MrsPnut Mon 17-Jul-17 22:55:43

We've just opened DD2 an account and are setting up a standing order for £50 a month. She goes into Year 7 in September and she already has some money to pay into it from her savings.

We pay for her phone and her clothes so this will just be fun money, but as with her older sister, she is expected to manage it herself and if she's spent it all then it means no more fun for the rest of the month.

pinkhorse Mon 17-Jul-17 22:57:20

£100 a month!!!!! Wow! Speechless!

Mrsfloss Mon 17-Jul-17 23:04:36

Pink, why so speechless?

TheCrowFromBelow Mon 17-Jul-17 23:10:37

DS1 is Y7 and gets £3 pw at the moment but we pay on top for his phone, Spotify, clothes, toiletries, sporting activities, all kit etc.
There isn't much in the local town so they tend to hang out in Poundland and the skate park. I'd give him lunch money as well but at the moment he prefers to have a sandwich here and take a bottle of water in.
We will no doubt have to up it soon for trips further afield, although I'd always fund his travel, as DP and me chose to live here (village near small town).
He doesn't have set chores to earn £££ - helping around the house doesn't get you pay, it's just part of being a family.
He can help the neighbours clear leaves in autumn if he wants extra cash.
I think £25 is a lot- but it's really down to what works for you, and what you can afford.

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