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You are only allowed to watch 3 films from now on...

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IAmTheWorwax Mon 17-Jul-17 18:31:02

What are they?

I think my list is
The Beach

magicstar1 Mon 17-Jul-17 18:42:03

Rio Bravo
Elvis: That's the Way It Is
Blue Hawaii

RainbowPastel Mon 17-Jul-17 18:44:00

Con Air
The Krays

littlemissangrypants Mon 17-Jul-17 18:44:30

Gone with the wind
Breakfast club
Jurassic park.

qwertyuiop1234 Mon 17-Jul-17 18:45:24

I think I'd have to say:

- The Dark Knight
- Inception
- Mrs Doubtfire

wizzler Mon 17-Jul-17 18:46:49

The princess bride
shawshank redemption
An affair to remember

ineedamoreadultieradult Mon 17-Jul-17 18:47:43

The Italian Job (the original one)
Saving Grace

FrancisCrawford Mon 17-Jul-17 18:47:48

Gone With The Wind - epic romance on an epic scale
Local Hero - charming, wry and bittersweet
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - the first and best bromance movie.

Justhadmyhaircut Mon 17-Jul-17 18:48:12

The Rock
White Chicks
Pretty Woman

FeiYenKansu Mon 17-Jul-17 18:49:01

Leave her to Heaven
The Thing

Will come back later with a third one!

Bicyclethief Mon 17-Jul-17 18:51:29

The bicycle thief
It's a wonderful life

cushioncovers Mon 17-Jul-17 18:55:34

Arrrh this is too hard. I will be back with my choices

iklboo Mon 17-Jul-17 19:03:48

The Thing
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
Toss up between Twelve Angry Men and sun The Heat of the Night

PoppyPopcorn Mon 17-Jul-17 19:03:59

I wouldn't watch any then. I watch a film once or twice and that's it - cannot understand people watching the same movie hundreds of times and mouthing all of the dialogue although no with the actors. How tedious.

WanderingTrolley1 Mon 17-Jul-17 19:05:44

Shawshank Redemption
Spider-Man 2
As Good as it gets

TheWitchwithNoName Mon 17-Jul-17 19:05:48

Pans labyrinth
Strictly ballroom
Pulp fiction

Ropsleybunny Mon 17-Jul-17 19:06:43

One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest
Miracle on 34th Street
The Graduate

tanfield90 Mon 17-Jul-17 19:07:45

Gregory's Girl
Trading Places
The Great Escape

TheWitchwithNoName Mon 17-Jul-17 19:07:52

wizzler as you wish...

n0ne Mon 17-Jul-17 19:08:36

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship

PeterReidFaePeterheid Mon 17-Jul-17 19:09:42

Air Force One

Hot Fuzz

Trainspotting 2

IAmTheWorwax Mon 17-Jul-17 19:10:28

I wonder if we could guess how old we are by our choices. I think you could easily guess the decade I was born.

Going to have to add some of these to my watch list

Feilin Mon 17-Jul-17 19:10:37

So many.
The Lord Of The Rings pt1
The Grinch

NancyDonahue Mon 17-Jul-17 19:11:07

Back to the Future
Toy Story
Top Gun

mirren3 Mon 17-Jul-17 19:12:28

The Green Mile
Shawshank Redemption, which I only watched for the first time quite recently and The Shining.

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