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The 13th Doctor

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Runny Sun 16-Jul-17 11:02:12

Is going to be announced today, and there are strong rumours that it could be a woman. Jodie Whittaker from Broadchurch being the new favourite.

Any idea who it will be? I'm shocked the press haven't leaked it yet.

Rufustherenegadereindeer1 Sun 16-Jul-17 11:03:43

Dh is desperate for it to be Olivia Coleman

I dont think she is in the running but he thinks she woud be fantastic

Rufustherenegadereindeer1 Sun 16-Jul-17 11:04:10

I dont really care...

Anyone who gets it will make it their own im sure

Hoppinggreen Sun 16-Jul-17 11:04:23

I'm betting Chris Marshall

Runny Sun 16-Jul-17 11:08:42

Kris Marshall is a bit too obvious.

FedUpWithBriiiiiick Sun 16-Jul-17 11:11:38

I like Phoebe Waller-Bridges, but if I remember correctly she is involved in a US version of Fleabag, so not sure if available.

Daniel Rigby has always been mentioned every time a new doctor is being announced, but not so much this time... maybe being kept under the radar?


WinifredAtwellsOtherPiano Sun 16-Jul-17 11:11:48

Kris Marshall would be a Happy Shopper David Tennant.

Dancinginthemidnight Sun 16-Jul-17 11:13:47

I can't wait to find out.

Runny Sun 16-Jul-17 11:15:45

Why are people so against Kris Marshall?

TheSpottedZebra Sun 16-Jul-17 11:16:08

Didn't the Sun say that Kris Marshall was already filming?
I'd guess they're doing a last minute 'reveal' as it's been leaked already.

WinifredAtwellsOtherPiano Sun 16-Jul-17 11:44:38

I think he's such a dull choice. Each of the previous New Who Doctors have offered something new. Clearly this gets more difficult every time, but when you think of the genuinely fresh possibilities that Phoebe Waller Bridge or Olivia Coleman could have offered (not familiar with Jodie W) then it's a bit of a disappointing option.

If they're going with white male then one thing they've never really had (for understandable reasons) is somebody with proper matinee idol good looks. It would be interesting to see somebody who looks like Chris Hemsworth playing such a cerebral role. And wouldn't do the viewing figures any harm. In an older vein I'd like to see Ioan Gruffydd give it a go.

Notagainmun Sun 16-Jul-17 12:36:59

Yes, let's have some eye candy.

Samcro Sun 16-Jul-17 12:42:01

if its a woman i hope its more of an unknown.
would like a non white man myself

Sabistick Sun 16-Jul-17 12:45:09

I'de like richard ayoade , he would be great.

TabascoToastie Sun 16-Jul-17 12:50:57

Olivia Colman and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are both on the record as denying it's them. Colman said she had a conversation with Chibnall about it, and that she would not want to play the role. WB issued a very firm "definitely, definitely NOT me" type denial on Twitter.

Last minute buzz around Jodie W.

Weird rumour going around that Chris Eccleston told a bunch of people at an industry party that it was Luke Treadaway.

WinifredAtwellsOtherPiano Sun 16-Jul-17 12:53:03

I love Richard Ayoade but he comes across as quite shy IRL. Not sure he's psychologically suited to the huge public demands of the role.

SoupDragon Sun 16-Jul-17 12:56:13

There were so many female hints dropped in the last series I would be surprised if it isn't.

I would have preferred a non-white male dr which I think is long over due. To me, the doctor is male, not female.

Syc4moreTrees Sun 16-Jul-17 13:00:03

I'd find it weird if it was a female doctor. I think Kris Marshall is like the poor mans tennant, and I can't imagine being all that keen on him, but maybe he'd be ok.

I think DT said OC would be awesome but that she's in such demand he couldn't imagine her wanting to sign up to something like DW which has a really gruelling filming Wales 😁

I'm hoping it's someone a little more unknown.

Nearly10to9 Sun 16-Jul-17 13:13:35

Please not Kris Marshall or Richard Ayoade, they'll both be the Sylvester McCoy dr who, we need another David tennant or Christopher ecclestone

I though Peter capaldi was just getting into his stride so sad to see him go

QueenieGoldstein Sun 16-Jul-17 13:15:06

I don't get the Kris Marshall hate. He was great in Death in Paradise.

mangomay Sun 16-Jul-17 13:19:54

Please not Jodie Whittaker! She was great in Broadchurch but she's not Doctor material. Nor is PWB in my opinion, although whether thats just because i don't like her.... Olivia Colman would be amazing, I love her in everything.

Man-wise, James Norton or Richard Ayoade would be great thanks. What time is the announcement?

Ginosaji Sun 16-Jul-17 13:26:10

After todays wimbledon is over, so bout 6.30 as thats when the news starts, so im goong to have the tv on from 6 so i do t miss anything lol

mangomay Sun 16-Jul-17 13:30:25

Bizarrely David Tennant is 20/1 to return as the Doctor. Chiwetel Ejiofor is up there too, same odds as OC.

Ginosaji Sun 16-Jul-17 13:36:55

I think it would be great if Sean Pertwee was cast as the doctor, i think he's a brill actor and it would be amusing for obvious reasons 😁

WinifredAtwellsOtherPiano Sun 16-Jul-17 15:26:53

I Suspect that Ejiofor is the black actor who they offered it to in the past and refused it (according to Moffat). I think he'd have been great for 12 but he's got quite a serious vibe so maybe not right for now - I think they need to go lighter (no pun intended).

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