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It's not really hot

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brexitstolemyfuture Mon 19-Jun-17 14:40:38

Unless you are in a poorly designed building. My house is almost 100 years old and it's just nice inside today, although it is hot to be doing manual work in the sun.

Many offices and other buildings are hot due to bad design more than the weather imo.

VladmirsPoutine Mon 19-Jun-17 14:41:22

Ok, thanks for that.

VerityHabitat Mon 19-Jun-17 14:42:45

Ok thanks?

My home is nearly 100 years old, still sweltering as it is in the middle of a dense urban environment with high solar gain.

wowfudge Mon 19-Jun-17 14:43:19

Many offices are hot because they contain the combined body heat of lots of people on a hot day. Hth.

VerityHabitat Mon 19-Jun-17 14:44:10

And computers radiate a lot of heat as well.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 19-Jun-17 14:44:33

It might not be hot in your lovely cool house but that doesn't mean it isn't hot hmm

Clalpolly Mon 19-Jun-17 14:45:34

Not helping.

I also live in a nice cool 80 year old house.

So what?

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Mon 19-Jun-17 14:45:55

My Siberian cats are too hot.

My work is hot because it's a nursing home and older people a) feel the cold and b) don't move around much.

They like windows closed and heating on.

ephemeralfairy Mon 19-Jun-17 14:46:56

I'm in Scotland. It's not hot.

VerityHabitat Mon 19-Jun-17 14:47:51

Do you have a spare room, ephemeral?wink

PutThatPomBearBack Mon 19-Jun-17 14:47:52

The sky is blue

NerrSnerr Mon 19-Jun-17 14:48:20

Um. Ok. Thanks for that.

BandeauSally Mon 19-Jun-17 14:49:04

What a helpful post. Do you have any more useful information for us?

OnnaNoHito Mon 19-Jun-17 14:49:10

It's only just over 20 degrees where I am. It's not too bad.

In other parts of the country it is very hot.

My being comfortable does not mean that people elsewhere need to be comfortable too.

PointlessUsername Mon 19-Jun-17 14:49:32

My house is Horribly hot.
It feels like a sauna no air circulation at all.

Clalpolly Mon 19-Jun-17 14:51:38

Poor you, King. Seniors really feel the cold and the heat rarely warms the blood. Breathing difficulties is the other not fun symptom.
Hope you are coping ok.

Clalpolly Mon 19-Jun-17 14:53:05

Not sure a post about poorly designed buildings is really what we need right now. Unless it is lobbying for massive improvements for social housing.

Fl0ellafunbags Mon 19-Jun-17 14:55:34

My house is 190 years old. Do I win a prize?

Reow Mon 19-Jun-17 14:56:48

Feck off you goady goady cow.

MrGrumpy01 Mon 19-Jun-17 14:56:50

My office was lovely.

My car pretty good. Though the air con freezes you up.

The house I visited. A blooming stuffy sauna.

My house is ok.

School for governors meeting??? I'll report back.

But it is 29 dogs. That is pretty hot.

MrGrumpy01 Mon 19-Jun-17 14:59:35

And UK buildings aren't designed for heat because it is rare. They are designed for cold, which is generally more extreme and prolonged.

WildCherryBlossom Mon 19-Jun-17 15:00:47

My house is 200 years old. No idea if it's hot or not as I'm not in it. It is hot where I am. But I like it hot smile

mummag Mon 19-Jun-17 15:00:53

It was really important for us to know that. Incidentally my house is ok at the moment but as soon as I go on the school run I shall be overwhelmingly hot and sweaty.

Gooseygoosey12345 Mon 19-Jun-17 15:01:29

It isn't hot in your opinion.
36 weeks pregnant me says it's fucking boiling and it needs to cool down. My house isn't at hot as some but it certainly isn't cool. And my children and dogs seem to agree

Gwencooper81 Mon 19-Jun-17 15:05:03

My house was a council house. It's hot because poor council residents should be grateful for a roof over their (poor) heads.

My work is hot because it's a chip shop with no air con. Therefore I am hot.

I'm very glad you're not too hot. I am hot. It is hot ( here!)

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