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Ant McFarlane

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MrsPeelyWaly Sun 18-Jun-17 05:49:36

I've just read in the newspaper that he's entering rehab for two months after becoming addicted to painkillers he takes for a damaged knee. He's also developed a dependency on alcohol. The article in the press says he also became depressed due to problems trying to start a family.

Seemingly co-workers in BGT were concerned enough about him to say something and following another operation on his knee a few days ago he'll now go into rehab.

I really appreciate the talents of Ant n Dec and I hope he's better soon.

Ceebs85 Sun 18-Jun-17 05:53:59

McPartlin. Surprised too but it's a lot of pressure being 'perfect'

Sparklingbrook Sun 18-Jun-17 06:17:51

Hope he gets the help he needs and he's better soon.

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