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I have a really rubbish claim to fame

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Runny Sat 17-Jun-17 12:45:34

One of the contestants from the latest series of 'Love Island' keeps showing up under the people you may know section of Facebook. I'm assuming we must have mutual friends, she's hidden who she's friends with, so I'm not sure who but I do have a couple of friends who are from the same town as she is.

Can anyone out outdo that?

MumBod Sat 17-Jun-17 12:50:28

I have a full-page interview in this month's edition of The Bookseller magazine.

Form an orderly queue for autographs.


MorrisZapp Sat 17-Jun-17 12:51:41

I was an expert on a daytime tv show in March.

tccat Sat 17-Jun-17 12:53:46

I was a middle aged groupie 😀

Millionsmom Sat 17-Jun-17 12:58:29

A few many years ago, my boyfriend was Stings 2nd cousin. Long before there tantric sex, but we were only kids.

raffle Sat 17-Jun-17 12:58:56

I served Ken Dodd in a shop once grin

hesterton Sat 17-Jun-17 13:00:05

My mum had an article published in the Scotsman Magazine in the 1980s.

Scoose Sat 17-Jun-17 13:00:08

I served kenn Dodd too and went around the shop with him to help him with his shopping so that makes us best friends right?

Millionsmom Sat 17-Jun-17 13:00:24

Should say .... before there was such a thing as tantric sex.

Theyhaveallbeenused2 Sat 17-Jun-17 13:00:41

A fairly known dj followed me on instagram

Scoose Sat 17-Jun-17 13:01:18

My husband had picked various celebs up in his taxi including jimmy osmond, les Dennis, biggins to name but a few

Rinkydinkypink Sat 17-Jun-17 13:01:23

Seems I'm related to one of the live island lot. Had no idea they were going.

gallicgirl Sat 17-Jun-17 13:02:00

My DH was on Cheggars Plays Pop.

Vintageproblem Sat 17-Jun-17 13:04:11

Sally James was a customer in the shop I work in recently.

ruby1234 Sat 17-Jun-17 13:05:23

I've ridden a winner of the Cheltenham Gold Cup.

ShoeJunkie Sat 17-Jun-17 13:05:37

I was once interviewed for a piece on You and Yours on R4 (they didn't use it though blush)

BitchQueen90 Sat 17-Jun-17 13:05:58

I dated a Big Brother contestant.

JellyTeapot Sat 17-Jun-17 13:07:37

I spent a night getting hammered with Chumbawumba.

Scoose Sat 17-Jun-17 13:12:39

Ooh who bitch? I bloody love big brother!

BitchQueen90 Sat 17-Jun-17 13:14:12

scoose I don't want to out myself but it was someone from a while ago in the Davina days! He didn't win the show grin

CremeFresh Sat 17-Jun-17 13:14:50

I'm related to the chap that arrested Guy Fawkes.

Witchend Sat 17-Jun-17 13:15:59

As a teen I caught a younger lad shoplifting who got a main part in a BBC drama.

CremeFresh Sat 17-Jun-17 13:16:18

MorrisZapp was it Judge Rinder ?

DrMadelineMaxwell Sat 17-Jun-17 13:16:41

I taught one of the members of One True Voice.

Pinkstars2501 Sat 17-Jun-17 13:18:39

I went to school with the sister of the drummer from Bastille.... I guess that's more her claim to fame than mine.

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