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Strange eating habits

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PaintingOwls Tue 30-May-17 17:33:41

I am on the train home and the lady in front of me is eating a muffin with a spoon out of a paper bag.

She is struggling to cut it into pieces, struggling to keep it on the spoon on the way to her mouth. It is painful to watch, why won't she just hold the bloody muffin in her hand and bite it?

I am starving today and realise I am probably too fixated on her.

What strange eating habits have you seen or come across?

lorrimay Wed 14-Jun-17 17:53:10

I normally would eat the muffin like a maniac but if in public I would try to do it in a nice way which sounds like what she was doing grin

dudsville Sat 12-Aug-17 22:58:23

I'm wondering if it's a hygiene issue for her. I eat muffins by tearing off bits. Public transport means she's touching loads of stuff of maybe not wanting to eat with her hands?

TheSpottedZebra Sat 12-Aug-17 22:59:17

She's trying to not get crumbs everywhere?

ILoveGrammar0 Sat 12-Aug-17 22:59:20

One of my secondary school teachers would eat burgers with a spoon.

Margomyhero Tue 29-Aug-17 18:20:14

Her hands won't be clean if she's navigated a train station - with doors and escalators etc.

I'd probably eat a muffin with a spoon in those circumstances too.

Angie169 Sat 23-Jun-18 17:54:48

I had a work mate that brought the own home made butties to work and always ate them with a knife and fork. She was in her late 50s but so often wondered if she had problems with her teeth biting things and didn't want to embarrass her asking but had no issues eating peaches pears oranges plums and bananas ect so would not of thought eating the cheese or ham butty wouldn't have proved to be an issue.

Bimgy85 Sun 12-Aug-18 21:44:13

People eating a fucking bagel or a burrito with a fork and knife. Idiots.


RestingBitchFaced Fri 23-Nov-18 13:00:23

If she was that bothered about germs, you would think she would carry hand sanitiser gel or something

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