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Aisleyne Horgan Wallace - I admire her

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Saggingninja Sun 30-Apr-17 13:24:14

I watched a prog called How Did You Get to Be So Rich on Ch4 (yes I know)

Aisleyne HG is a really smart girl. Her dad was a Jehovah's Witness and she grew up in serious poverty. After coming third on BB she didn't buy handbags etc and knew the celeb rollercoaster would only last a short time, so she invested her first photoshoot in property in Kings Cross and learned about property investment. 'I didn't buy myself a single handbag or any treats' she says. Now ten years later she is a multi-millionaire.

I know she probably had a bit of luck along the way but I so admire her for her brains and determination. Good luck to her.

slebismashit Mon 01-May-17 10:31:38

I know her for dating mike Tyson and bb. Glad she has made something out of being on the show.

CryptoFascist Mon 01-May-17 10:32:38

Wow, I didn't know this about her, very smart indeed.

TheLegendOfBeans Mon 01-May-17 10:34:40

Yeah, I like her too. Normally I've no interest in vapid ex BB contestants but she's always had a certain something about her.

I think her godfather is Boy George.

EachandEveryone Tue 16-May-17 00:42:15

She came accross so well. Wasnt she best mates with Amy Winehouse?

NoodleNinja Mon 12-Jun-17 13:57:31

I loved her on BB, she wasn't a push over and stood up for other people.

LucyLocketLostIt Mon 12-Jun-17 14:04:00

She was good on BB. Think she was the only one who stood up to Grace when she threw water over Susie?

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