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eBay, seller refusing refund. Please help

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maybeIamtoo Tue 21-Mar-17 00:35:02

Can you please tell me if the seller is right and has right to refuse refund.
I bought a coat for my DD, by auction, quite a lot of bidding, I paid straight after auction ended.
Got the coat on Wednesday , it's beautiful but unfortunately too small. I messaged the seller explaining situation and asked her for refund. Got immediate respond that she's sorry to hear that, no problem she'll refund it.
I asked for address and until today I didn't get any response. So I chased up, asking if she could please send me her address as I want to get this done and dusted. Few hours later I got this :

I have read the legalities and I do not have to offer you a refund as I clearly stated the size of the coat on the listing. I also paid more for the postage than I charged you. Therefore, unfortunately, I will not be offering you a refund.

Kind regards,

My question is if she can do this?
The picture of refund section on the listing

Thank you

maybeIamtoo Tue 21-Mar-17 00:38:20

I forgot to add that my daughter is average sized girl, will be seven in September. The coat is really small, it looks more like 5 to 6 , not 7 to 8.

lazydog Tue 21-Mar-17 00:46:35

Did she miss-describe it? As in, did her listing state a different size than is on the label inside? If not, and you never asked her for measurements in inches, it's not her fault. Unfortunately she's right and you need to suck it up and relist it yourself. When you do, clearly state that the "label says xx yrs but you believe it is actually more like xx yrs" and then to really cover yourself, also put the under-arm to under-arm and collar to rear-hem measurements in the item details.

PyongyangKipperbang Tue 21-Mar-17 01:19:24

If you think that it has been misdescribed, such as it was described as a 7-8 but it measures up (use measurement guides on the manufacturers/resellers website) as a 5-6 then yes you can go through ebay for a refund. If it is labelled as 7-8 and just comes up small then unfortunately for you, the seller has done nothing wrong. I got bitten like this once and I now always as for measurements.

It depends on what the jackets is labelled as and if it isnt labelled, whether the description matches up to the measurements for that makers items.

LorLorr2 Tue 21-Mar-17 01:34:09

Ebay works differently to shops, I myself have bought things that turned out to suit me horribly but I just had to leave positive feedback and move on as the seller had done their job. Your case might feel a bit different if you feel you paid a significant amount and the coat was not described accurately. I would drop the return, but insist that it should have been stated in the description that the item was so small and see if the seller will agree to a partial refund.
I always ask questions before buying just to be sure of what to expect smile

hope you can sell the coat on at an equal amount or more than what you paid!

TabascoToastie Tue 21-Mar-17 01:48:38

If she has explicitly chosen to go to the refund information part of the listing and select "yes - money back guarantee" then yes she does have to stand by her promise. If she doesn't do refunds then she should not offer them, since the option she has chosen does not say "refunds only in certain circumstances."

When I used to sell on eBay I always chose "no" to that part of the listings (meaning I only had to refund if something had gone wrong) because I didn't want the hassle of returns. Might have lost me some business but it was my choice. She should have done the same.

maybeIamtoo Tue 21-Mar-17 01:57:28

Thank you all for replies. It would never occur to me to ask for exact measurements, and I've never been asked for, but once. The thing is this coat is really small, and she didn't stated this on the description. Apart from condition there was nothing else, and as my DD not seven yet I was expecting this coat to be a little too big.

So basically I've no chance of getting refund?
What's the point then to state - returns accepted? I'm sorry but apart from obvious fault what other reason the seller might accept?
Every post in regards to eBuy which I read on MN was always about devil buyer and saint seller, I'm probably the first buyer who was nicely donewink or rather naice 🙂

maybeIamtoo Tue 21-Mar-17 01:59:28

Tabasco that's how I understand the refund part on eBay ! Thank you

SleepFreeZone Tue 21-Mar-17 02:24:08

Just open a claim. eBay always sides with the buyer.

Coughingchildren5 Tue 21-Mar-17 02:32:12

If she has stated returns accepted then eBay will probably force her to accept the return. However you might lose the cost of postage. I would open a claim with eBay and strengthen the claim by explaining the item was miss advertised as although it claims to be a size x it measures a size y. Give an example of the small size using measurements from the original manufacturer website.

PyongyangKipperbang Tue 21-Mar-17 03:05:38

If her listing states that she accepts returns then she has misunderstood the policy as yes, she should take it back. If you open a dispute then ebay will side with you but you will have to suck up the cost of postage.

PyongyangKipperbang Tue 21-Mar-17 03:06:24

Oh and her saying that it cost her more in postage than she charged you is totally irrelevant. She should have checked the cost before listing if she didnt want to be out of pocket there.

Kez100 Tue 21-Mar-17 04:28:05

This happened to a mate. We reckon it was Chinese sizes as they tend to be very slight. Her coat wasn't just "small" it was also slight on the shoulders - which is what led to her mum thinking that was the problem.

Kateallison16 Tue 21-Mar-17 04:54:24

I dont think its fair to say she misdescribed it. End of the day she went by what the manufacturer tag said.
She described it perfectly fine.
Now she will have to be out of pocket for litterallt no good reason.

Its just one of those things. Nobodys fault but the manufacturer.

bonfireheart Tue 21-Mar-17 06:54:58

And whether it cost her more for postage than she expected is neither here nor there.

Supermagicsmile Tue 21-Mar-17 06:57:34

If you open a claim through eBay's website then you should get it back.

sandgrown Tue 21-Mar-17 06:59:18

Can you not just 're-sell it ?

bigbuttons Tue 21-Mar-17 07:02:20

If her original listing states that she accepts returns then she has to take them. Put a return claim through ebay/make a complaint. They will make sure you can return it.

DaisyBlameless Tue 21-Mar-17 07:07:31

Resell it.

Littledidsheknow Tue 21-Mar-17 07:10:00

In this situation I've often let it go, but I'd have pursued this one through ebay, as the seller stated that she accepts returns in the listing, so you bought the coat on that understanding. She can't refuse when it was stated pre sale. Especially when she later also told you she would.

As others have said, her postage problem is irrelevant.

maybeIamtoo Tue 21-Mar-17 07:54:29

Thank you all.

Little that's what I would normally do as well to avoid the hassle of return/refund but as this coat is expensive one before I bid I checked if she would be accepting refund.

I think she's annoyed and changed her tune. Cost of posting is not my fault and she shouldn't even mentioned this. It's her responsibility to estimate accurately to avoid being out of pocket.

I messaged her saying that I'm sorry but as in her listing she stated returns accepted, she's legally obliged to do so. All polite and civil, also I said about cost of postage being irrelevant.
I'll wait 48 hours, then message again if she won't respond. I hope there will be no need to open a case with eBuy.

I accepted that I'll have to pay the post back cost, as again that's what she stated in return option.

I don't want to resell it as I don't think I'll get the price I paid and I would rather be £5 out of pocket for posting back only.

Thank you

Mysterycat23 Tue 21-Mar-17 08:20:21

Why message in the first place? To do the return properly it has to be done via ebay. Since the seller selected to accept returns when they listed the item they have no choice but to accept the return. Therefore go to your purchases in ebay and click request return.

Never try to do anything through messages on ebay, you will just get shafted!

maybeIamtoo Tue 21-Mar-17 12:59:52

Mysterycat I didn't know you can do it this way, I've returned two things years ago but it was straightforward.
Thank you for letting me know about this.

I've looked there and I will do this but it asked me which postage do I want? Royal Mail for £2.80 (which she originally used) or do I go safer option by collect plus for £4.60? I don't want her to say she never received but neither I want to be out of pocket even more.

Mysterycat23 Fri 24-Mar-17 10:42:06

Glad to have helped. Ebay is massively confusing at times.

It's your call about postage. Depends how expensive the item was. My rule of thumb is to ask myself am I prepared never to see a penny of that money back? If so then go normal delivery. Otherwise, always go signature required.

Good luck!

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