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Any children of the 70s can help me discover what this was...?

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Destinysdaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 21:46:44

I was watching a TV show the other day ( Who do you think you are) and I suddenly got this weird flashback and I've been racking my brains to try and remember what it was! Basically it was street names ( winding streets) written in a v old fashioned font and it reminded me of a game or a book with them in . I wish I could remember more but that's all I have to go non, although it really struck me as being quite memorable. There may have also been a man with a top hat or bowler hat as well. I KNOW this thing existed but I can't for the life of me remember what it was!!

Clutching at straws here, but wondered if anyone might know what this was??

LuxuryWoman2017 Mon 20-Mar-17 21:50:27

Mr Ben?

Do you mean a board game? Early or late 70"s.

TwattyMcTwatface Mon 20-Mar-17 21:54:35

Mr Ben would have been my guess too. Can't think of another notable chap in a hat from the 70s, I don't think.

MrsDoylesTeabags Mon 20-Mar-17 21:54:58

Pigeon Street?
Mr Benn

Destinysdaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 21:56:26

I don't think it was Mr Ben and more likely to be early 70s

MrsDoylesTeabags Mon 20-Mar-17 21:58:34

Was it a cartoon or real people?

LuxuryWoman2017 Mon 20-Mar-17 21:58:57

Could it have been a famous advert? Like say, the Hovis advert.

PickAChew Mon 20-Mar-17 22:00:04

Mr Ben

Destinysdaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 22:01:02

I think it was either a game or a book. There was something about the lettering that was from Dicken's time?

exLtEveDallas Mon 20-Mar-17 22:01:02

The Milly Molly Mandy books had old fashioned hand drawn maps in the front pages?

exLtEveDallas Mon 20-Mar-17 22:02:36

As did Swallows and Amazons

Destinysdaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 22:03:27

Thanks, wasn't Milly Molly Mandy.

pongopig Mon 20-Mar-17 22:13:27

The Prisoner TV series?

Destinysdaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 22:15:45

Googling old fashioned games, it could be paper villages you assemble yourself?

Troubleinstore Mon 20-Mar-17 22:26:35

Mr Benn lived at 52 Festive Road

Gunpowder Mon 20-Mar-17 22:31:11

There was a Sherlock Holmes board game called 221B Baker Street here

Embekkisson1 Mon 20-Mar-17 22:33:09

The opening scenes of Reginald Perrin ?

jensner Mon 20-Mar-17 22:36:50

We had a Charles Dickens board game - could it be that?

PerspicaciaTick Mon 20-Mar-17 22:42:51

It wasn't Billy Bluehat in the Village with Three Corners was it?

Destinysdaughter Mon 20-Mar-17 22:54:38

It's this style of writing, could have been a map in a book?

passthewineplz Mon 20-Mar-17 23:07:17

Could it be, Captain pugwash, around the world in 80 days?

passthewineplz Mon 20-Mar-17 23:09:33

* or around the world in 80 days

EffinElle Mon 20-Mar-17 23:10:30

Mary Mungo and Midge?

CharlieChopstix Mon 20-Mar-17 23:11:54

Family from one end street?

MichaelSheensNextDW Mon 20-Mar-17 23:22:01

The Phantom Tollbooth?

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