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Adventures in Moominland

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Marama Sun 26-Feb-17 09:23:03

Hi everyone - has anyone been to Adventures in Moominland at the Southbank? What do you think of the recommended age of seven years? I'm wary of taking my two-year-old - I think it might be too overwhelming for her - but thought I'd ask here in case anyone had any thoughts.

Creatureofthenight Sun 26-Feb-17 09:28:59

I've been! It was lovely. However it is very much for fans of the books, a 2 year old won't get much out of it.

Marama Sun 26-Feb-17 09:36:53

Thanks - I thought that might have been the case. I love the books too, but I'm worried that it might be over her head.

JigglyTuff Sun 26-Feb-17 09:41:45

Please don't take her. There were people there with children under 7 when I went and they talked over the narrative and really spoiled it for everyone else.

Mcnorton Sun 26-Feb-17 09:42:09

Agree with PP. Fantastic but not for 2 year olds. I dont think it would be too much but the tour guide talks about the inspiration for the stories and there were little kids who were bored with that stuff which meant their parents had to occupy them and miss bits. To be honest my 8 year old thought it was only OK, really it's more for older fans (middle-aged like me)

Marama Sun 26-Feb-17 10:11:29

Good one - thanks everyone. I've made my mind us - our adult friends will have to go without us!

hellokittymania Tue 09-May-17 02:55:58

I'll have to read the books now I have it at home but haven't read it.

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