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Can I find Magnetix anywhere?

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Jasmina123 Sun 09-Oct-16 02:42:18

Hello ladies
I have been looking for this game "Magnetix" for ages
I remember my older kids having so much fun playing with it
I want to buy it for my younger daughter now but it seems it has been discontinued
Do you have any idea where I can find it?
I looked in amazon but there they have only two weird versions of the game
In eBay they have only used ones

Please help!

fldsmdfr Sun 09-Oct-16 02:45:01

Do you mean the magnetic rods and balls construction game thing? If so, search for Geomag, much better magnets smile

fldsmdfr Sun 09-Oct-16 02:48:02

Though I've only bought second hand off eBay anyway. It's pretty expensive new and no difference in the actual pieces.

iloveredwine Sun 09-Oct-16 03:06:16

The entertainer toy shop has them

Jasmina123 Sun 09-Oct-16 08:26:28

Thanx for the advice
I prefer new one since my daughter has multiple severe allergies

I like Magnetix more than Geomag
I don't know why☺️

Jasmina123 Sun 09-Oct-16 08:27:53

I checked The Entertainer website
They have Geomag
They don't have Magnetix 😔

AmberGreyson Thu 01-Dec-16 12:09:08

what about or store?

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