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Are Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx together or not?

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Chinesealan Thu 21-Apr-16 17:41:07

Anyone in the know?

GorgeousLadyOfWrangling Wed 06-Sep-17 23:48:16

Yes! Yes they are! (Zombie reanimated!)
But...Tom Cruise clause saying Katie could not publicly date for five years hmmangry should they divorce...
If that is true that is bloody outrageous.

Battytwatty Wed 06-Sep-17 23:52:34


GorgeousLadyOfWrangling Thu 07-Sep-17 00:16:20


I guess daily beast is klatsch under tratsch. I read it on CBS news.

GorgeousLadyOfWrangling Thu 07-Sep-17 00:16:45


NYConcreteJungle Thu 07-Sep-17 00:18:26

I hope she's happy.

GorgeousLadyOfWrangling Thu 07-Sep-17 00:26:01

Me too. And for the record, Tom Cruise is very good with his fans and is the lesser-spotted A-lister who seems to get a lot of praise from crew/cast rather than any hint of divadom.
But as far as scientology goes, I would be deemed an SP and since neither Nicole nor Katie have ever spoken out loud about Miscavige et al, I would assume certain clauses about "not embarrassing Tom" might not be that far removed from the truth.

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