How do you defriend someone on Facebook?

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AliciaFlorrick Mon 18-Apr-11 17:15:17

Want to take someone off my FB friends but have never deleted someone before and I can't see anything on FB that tells me how to do it.

They don't seem to have a click here to defriend button.

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FollowMe Mon 18-Apr-11 17:17:30

on your newsffed, find a post from the person and there should be a little cross to the right of it. If you click on the cross it will ask you if you want to delete that post or the entire person.

TysonSnowflower Mon 18-Apr-11 17:19:08

Or you can go down on there profile page and block them, it defriends them and they cant bug you afterwards

tribpot Mon 18-Apr-11 17:19:15

or you can do it this way

AliciaFlorrick Mon 18-Apr-11 17:20:59

Many thanks - person defriended.

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tribpot Mon 18-Apr-11 17:34:25

Good username, btw! I assume you're a fan?

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