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BadPoet Mon 11-Apr-11 15:21:43

In brief, dd had whole class party last year, is having a smaller group this year. I gave her the max number, she made her list, fine. All girls, some from each of the 3 classes in her year group.

Now I am doing invitations, I've realised that approx two thirds of the girls in her class are invited, leaving 4 or 5 left out. Rationally I think this is OK but some crazy last minute, going on holiday in a few hours compulsion is making me want to invite them and increase the cost of party by at least 1/3 shock. Stop me!

I didn't anticipate this, I thought she's invite around half girls from her class. ONE left out would be awful but a third of the girls isn't, is it? DD's frequently not invited and it's only bothered her once.

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glasscompletelybroken Mon 18-Apr-11 10:49:58

It's fine!

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