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Making your own Nativity Costumes

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sassyb Wed 25-Oct-06 10:31:01

Can anyone help me please, I would love some help with some ideas of how to make some nativity costumes for the school play. The simpler the better, I can sew, but would like to farm some of the costumes out to some other school mums and I don't know if they are able to sew or not. Any advice welcome.

gscrym Wed 25-Oct-06 10:52:27

For the head-dresses for Mary, Joseph and all the non-king/angel characters, get a piece of material about pillowcase size. Stitch a band of elastic onto the wrong side. Place it on the childs head so that their face is covered then flip the material over their head.

For Joseeph and the shepherds, get enough material to make a poncho that goes shoulders to floor. Chuck it over their heads and tie round the waist with a cord. You could prob do the same with the kings but mak eit fancier material and use sashes.


TeeJaye Thu 26-Oct-06 18:15:22

I work in an infants school and for last year's nativity, we asked the mums to dress the children who were the animals in appropriate colour clothing (white wooly jumper for sheep etc) but we made head-dresses ourselves. We made templates for the animals' heads, painted them and just stapled them to a band of card which we fastened around the childrens' heads. It was simple but soooo effective because they were all the same rather than being a mishmash of home-made designs.

sassyb Wed 01-Nov-06 22:56:08

Anymore for anymore on the nativity costume front?!!! I would love to hear if anyone else has had any more success on this front.

thanks Sassyb

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